The Vintage Tea Room Review

If you know me then you know I like my food, from pizza to sandwiches so I jumped at the chance to go the Vintage Tea Room for afternoon cream tea.

The occasion was for a family members birthday so it was a nice treat for them for a Sunday afternoon.

I don’t know about any of you but I’ve never had cream tea before so I didn’t know what to expect when we arrived but I was pleasantly surprised. 

We come to a quaint little tea shop in our town and step inside where im stunned by how it’s all set out.

The tables and chairs are all set out in lovely white linen table cloths with patterned tea cups and saucers that looked very fancy.

On the tables were two cake stands, the bottom shelve filled with sandwiches such as Cheese and Cucumber, Ham and Tuna & Sweetcorn.

The second tier was the scones with fresh cream and jam, which i’m not going to lie went rather quickly.

Finally the top tier was filled with chocolate cake and Victoria sponge.

The Vintage Tea Room

The ladies working on the Sunday Nikki and Natasha brought some tea and coffee to the tables and left us all to us while checking up half through with a smile.

Fun was had by all

 We ate and drink, chatting while the kids played and stuffed their face with cake and nothing was to much trouble.

It was time to leave after feeling full from all that cake and needing a piggy nap, I left with the feeling of that’s how cream tea is meant to be and I have no doubt I would soon be back for more.

Daddy Giraffe x

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