Worrying about your kids turning teen when you once were one

Going into your teenage years is a worrying thing for a child but even more so for a parent who has already been there.

One of our children is 13 and the other is soon to be 13 and this scares the crap out of me because I know what I was like as a teenager and what I got up to.

At these delicate times in their lives their hormones are going nuts which means these kids moods are crazy with the added fact they have learnt the art of back chat, that’s right the point in their lives where they feel semi brave to say sometime sarcastic back at you but are still thinking can I out run the old man??

If you are worrying about whether your child is turning into a teen then here are some signs:

Smelling worse – My god! Despite how many baths these kids take they still smell like they have run a Marathon, on a tread mill, in a fat suit inside a room with no windows or doors with the heating on full!! You would think it would be just the boys but oh no teen girls are just as bad if not worse, we have made shift hazmat suits to enter our pre teens room!

Sudden Deafness & Lack of Speech – Must be all the hormones blocking their ears which I imagine is a nightmare for them, It must be difficult not being able to hear me ask you to tidy your room when I’m stood next too you but the sound of me ordering your dinner is so loud you have to come downstairs and see whats going on. Also it makes me so sad that I’ve spent your whole life teaching you to talk and these changes revert you back to cavemen “do you want to do something at the weekend?….ug!”

Worrying about your teen
Worrying about your teen

As the kids are going into their teens it get’s me thinking of the things I did when I was a teen and I was no angel by far which is why I’m let worrying whenever they leave the house

I would start staying out later with my friends having the dreaded staying over which never ever ends well, last time we let our teenage boy his friends to stay over they were up all night giggle like little girls and really annoyed the neighbours by playing football outside their house at 8am!!!!

With teens they are going to experiment, they going to try alcohol at some point, smoking, fighting, drugs even sex. This Terrifies the crap out of me, I have already had the talk with the children and would like to think they are smart enough to avoid these things but they are teens and we all know what a good idea in their world is like.

So if all I have to look forward to through their teenage years is visits by the Police, talks with teachers and fingers crossed none with the midwives then I better hold on tight for the bumpy ride.

I could always just lock them in their rooms until the teenage faze ends…..

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