Harry and his new start in a new school

If you read one of my last posts you will have seen the post of Harry and the bullying problem he had at his old school, bullying to the point where the police were called and the school wouldn’t take any responsibility or action to prevent it happening any further.

After Harry started having panic attacks leading up to going into school we made the decision to pull him out there and start him somewhere new again, somewhere he can start fresh, somewhere nobody knows him or the problems he had.

As nervous as he was he wanted the new change and decided it was time for a brand new him, we booked the appointment and they rang us within a day to arrange a time to come and look around.

The day comes around quick and we are on our way, we pull up to what looks like quite a big school and step inside.

Harry spoke to a few teachers and they showed us around, me and his mom was very impressed at what they had to offer and how they handled bullying in the school but the question is was he happy about the school, happy enough to stay there for the rest of his school time?

We got into the car and asked him what he thought and to our surprised he loved what he saw, he liked how small the school was with less pupils and how much teacher presence there was around

The start of school happened the week after and the first time he put on his new uniform ready to start his new life, its easy to tell me and his mom were anxious for him so god knows how he must have felt but on his way we sent him.

new school uniform
New school uniform

He had an OK first day and seemed to settle in OK which was a relief but how would he do from there on?

Cheryl was shopping one day when she bumped into an old friend, they were both pregnant together and had babies around the same time together to Harry and another little boy.

Well it turns out this boy now lives in Telford and goes to the same school, Cheryl told Harry and he immediately found him out where the both instantly bonded and now are very good friends.

Harry is loving his new school and is already in top sets in all his classes so fingers crossed the future is looking bright for him and we couldn’t be more pleased,this just goes to show bullying wont last forever and there is always a way out and help if you need it.

Daddy Giraffe x





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