Dreams do they actually mean something…ask my kids.

Dreams are one of the rare things we do as humans that we don’t fully understand, we can give our opinion on what they mean.

We have all had weird dreams, I myself have had some strange dreams ones as an adult so imagine listening to the dreams of your child. I asked 4 of my children to tell me their strangest dreams and I wasn’t expecting some of them to be honest but take a look for yourself

Harry’s Strangest Dreams 13 years old:  There was a curly-haired woman with a paintball gun trying to shoot me. I was dodging the bullets while trying to complete the Total Wipeout course, after completing stage 11 I was on a tram line and the family were surrounding me to protect me but then giant donuts appeared so my family charged towards them. Then a bullet came firing towards me, Gareth caught it and threw it back at her causing her to fall down the Wipeout stage and into a pool of green smile.

Sportacus was teamed with me and Ellie was teamed with Stephanie from Lazy Town, all of a sudden as they were walking towards us a giant Wreaking Ball demolished them.

Ellie’s Strangest Dreams 12 years old:  I was driving to a friend’s house and I got chased by a man shouting that they were going to kill me with half a bottle of ketchup.

There was once a sweet monster made of strawberry laces and we became best friends and it used its magic to get me loads of sweets whenever I wanted them but someone ate him and I had no other friends.

Annabelle’s Strangest Dreams 8 years old:  I once dreamt that I was a brick on the floor and someone picked me up and placed me in a wall, I was so sad because it didn’t want to be a wall.

The day we got Buddy I had a dream that he became a giant and was destroying buildings while chasing me and mom.

Freddie’s Strangest Dream 3 years old – Lollipops…lollipops. Doctor came with his bag and his hat knocked on the door with a rat a tat tat. (not quite sure he got the question)

Now I’ve got to say these are some pretty strange everyday dreams to be having don’t you think? It just goes to show how active a young child’s mind is while they are sleeping never mind when they are awake.

So these are my children.s dreams and I wonder why they’re so tired in the morning when they have to get up for school, being a brick in a wall and running for giant dogs must be very tiring indeed

I hope you all sleep well and I would love to hear about you children’s craziest dreams that made you go wow.

If you want to know more about dreams I have left a link below for you to view.


Daddy Giraffe x




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