Bullying what chance do you have if the school doesn’t care?

Bullying is an issue that most people if everyone has experienced in their lives at some point, we all know how it felt when we called names or even beat up for no other reason than someone doesn’t like you.

When you are an adult it tends to stop because you have built up a bedrock of confidence over the years and know how to deal with the situations from past experiences.

But when you see how your children react to bullying is heart breaking and your parent instincts kick in and you try to do the right thing to help them but it falls on deaf ears.

Annabelle suffered slight bullying when she started her new school not long ago from children older than her who would swear at her day in and day out, she was even punched by a boy in the dinner line for no reason. She hid this until it came out in a conversation and I took it straight to the head teacher who dealt with it straight away and Annabelle has had no more problems since.

But not all schools are like this and you would think the older the students the more the teachers would take it seriously but how wrong were we!!

Harry had been doing fantastic in his new school, getting good grades, making head of house captain and winning achievement awards so for Harry live was going great until his friend turned on him and then it went sour fast

It started as name calling and getting others in his year to do the same, so he does what any sensible boy would do and that is take it to the head of house, this however made things worse.

The name calling got worse and turned into treats along with her getting the whole year to turn on him as well calling him a grass and he was in fact being the bully, Harry couldn’t take it and called home for help but the school then told him of for telling his parents saying it was a school matter!

I call the school and book an appointment with a Head of House and we sit and have a meeting where I am reassured that Harry is safe and he will keep them apart and that he has nothing to worry about, place the trust in the school.

The harassment at school still continues and more rumours are spread now that her family are being stalked and the whole year wants to strip him of his captain status, Harry is told by the school that this isn’t bullying its just a misunderstanding, fuming I call the school and am told well if you’re not happy call the police!!

I do exactly that reporting the student and the school for their lack of care for my son, but he still has the balls to walk into school because he doesn’t want to lose his education.

Then it became physical, he was assaulted at school and when it was reported Harry was told we can’t keep you apart it’s a big school then sent him on his way. I ring the school again and they refuse to let me speak to a teacher until I say I would personally come down there if that’s the case when surprise surprise I got through to a teacher who said leave it with me I will sort it.

School day comes around and Harry just couldn’t do it and a panic attack, the school was called and despite messages left countless times they never contacted us back but just sent text messages saying Harry’s not at school again.

No follow-up calls, no checking on him, no following up where is he, nothing at all!

We have now changed Harry’s school and still haven’t received a call from the old school about if he’s moved because he’s not been in school for 3 weeks but they couldn’t give a shit because it was too much hassle to deal with him.

This school should be ashamed of its self and all the teachers who turned a blind eye to this bullying and to the bully one day you will get what’s coming to you for making my son’s life hell.

A new start for Harry is what he need and this school needs sorting fast before its to late and another bullied student does worse that just break down!










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