Teaching our children the basics in life, is there a right or wrong way?

Hand Holding
Freddie & Bethie Holding Hands

We were all taught the basics in life and now I find myself teaching my own children and it’s not as easy as I thought it might be and am I even handling it right.

I never wanted children growing up, Even in my 20’s I never wanted to have children until I met Cheryl and her 3 amazingly well-behaved kids, they were so polite, well-behaved and so clever at the ages from 2 upwards. The problem was when I got there all of the hard work was done and I didn’t have to do anything other than look after them and lead them on the right path throughout their life and all its challenges.

Three eldest
The Big Kiddies

We decided to have a baby I finally felt I was ready and we agreed this was a great idea and we decided to try, 9 months later Freddie Robert Hopkins arrives into the world, so small and perfect, how can it be so hard to bring up a baby honestly because people do it all the time so surely I can to it with no problems…oh how wrong I could be.


He was home all clean, smelling of baby and was no trouble at all until it came to me doing things to look after the baby for the first time and it wasn’t anything like I had seen or imagined.

Freddie Baby
Freddie & Daddy

Bathing the Baby: You fill this tiny little bath with warm water so it doesn’t burn the baby but how do you decide if its to hot or to cold when I have my bath I like it the temperature of the sun. So with the help from my partner I got the water temp right, now to lower the baby into the water, holding its head, give him a quick wash and done ready for bed. I didn’t count on the fact he would HATE the water and it would be like you were in a water park, I swear the only thing that wasn’t wet was the actual baby! I soaked the floor, kids, me, the sofa, the curtains and some how yes even the ceiling.

Changing the baby: This was something I was not ready or prepared for that’s for sure, I didn’t know it changed colours like a smelly chameleon . The second I took off Freddie’s nappy he did a wee all over me, I tried to catch most of it in the nappy but failed miserably. I remember taking his nappy off and he was covered in poo, all up his back, legs and everywhere and as I struggled to undress him and change him I thought “I got this” until I realised that somehow it was on the back of his head??? I would like to say it gets better as they grow older but trying to pin then down long enough to change them is just as hard.

Sleeping: You will NEVER sleep again! You like your lie in’s…wait…you liked your lie in’s. Singing them to sleep or midnight feeds, nappy changes, nightmares and illness…there nothing quite like baby/toddler sick to brighten your day. But even though you are tired and can barely keep those tired eyes open, you have to because the Tellietubbies are about to dance on TV so you can watch you baby dance along like a solo 5am rave.

Walking: Watching them get up and move by themselves to you or from furniture to get to a toy of theirs is amazing to watch as they have done this all on their own, when they were ready to. I was convinced Freddie could walk and I was right as I happened to check on him in the night and he was walking along his bed without a care in the world.

Talking: I have enjoyed listening to Bethie learning to talk and it helps when she does sound like a baby still, it melts my heart when she calls for daddy as soon as she opens her eyes for me to go and take her downstairs. With this also has its down side and this is as they get older the repeat everything they hear from conversations or TV or even from nursery, not long ago Freddie couldn’t have a biscuit so in a temper tantrum he called me a Bum Ass!! Out of nowhere and I think it even shocked him a little bit. I told him off and had to go have a giggle in a different room with Cheryl.

Toilet Training: This one I thought was going to be the hardest thing to do in the world but he took to it like a duck to water, I explained to him he wasn’t a baby and babies don’t wear nappies. He agreed and with only a few accidents he has mastered it within a few weeks to the point where he stands up to wee.

Baby Freddie's Bathtime
Freddie’s First Bath

With all of the constant tiredness and tidying up and running around after them I wouldn’t change it for the world. I may not have the right ways in teaching them or not doing right in the first instance but I will remember every single moment of teaching these little humans the way of life and hope in the long run I did something right and they turn out decent, happy teenagers/adults.

*If you are a first time parent and your thinking would like to see if your on the right track then this link may help you*



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