Raising girls isn’t as bad as they said it would be

When I met Cheryl there was already grown children who had already learnt to walk, talk, were already toilet trained and she had done a brilliant job raising them by herself.

I had my very first child that happen to be a boy called Freddie and soon learnt the ways of dealing with baby boys with everyone telling me that boys practically raise themselves, I couldn’t wait and insisted on doing everything from nappy changes to night feeds.

Raising a baby boy wasn’t so bad the worst thing I had to worry about was making sure he didn’t pee in my face again and he was a very good baby with everything even sleeping through the night.

Eventually we found out we were expecting another baby and I was very nervous in case this time it was a girl.

What would I do?

I don’t know how to look after a little girl or anything about hair, tights and dresses.

Everyone I spoke to would tell me horror stories about looking after little girls and how they can be a nightmare to raise so here are the stories I was told and what actually happened when this new baby girl came into my life.

Girls squeal all the time –I prepared for this as she would be constantly kicking of day and night and I would be pulling out what I have left of my hair but it was in fact the opposite. Bethie very rarely squeals at all including the night, I think the only time I have ever heard her squeal is when she recently had her injections and even then a quick song of wind the bobbin up and she soon perked up. You want t o talk about squealing then you should hear my 3 year old boy when he has a tantrum!

Changing girls nappies is such a task – The first time I changed her I was all prepared with extra nappies, cream, wipes, bags, towels and anything else I could find that may help for anything unexpected. It wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I was told it would be all you have to remember is to wipe them front to back, Bethie is so much easier to change because at just 1 she will tell me she has done a poo and will go into the cupboard and fetch her own nappy.

She will have you wrapped around her finger in no time – This would never happen I was sure that I would be able to say no, tell her off when she is naughty and be stern when the time needs me to be but god damn it when you look at them bright blue eyes then she says “daddy” and its all over she can have whatever she wants, she totally knows she’s got me wrapped around her finger too which makes it worse because she ends it with a cheeky smile.

So as scared as I was about raising a little girl I am having so much fun doing it, I have never meet such a loving little girl who is just a tiny female mini me.

Daddy Loves you Elizabeth Ann x

Tired Daddy
Tired Daddy, Snotty Bethie


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