Parent Consultation Day

With it being October brings a few things, Halloween, my Birthday and for the little ones parent consultation day.

For anyone who doesn’t know what this is, its where you sit down with your children’s teachers and talk about their progress in school and voicing any concerns you might have.

Freddie and Annabelle now go to the same school so it was the little ones turn, the first one up was Freddie.

Freddie Consultation Day 

This is Freddie’s first term in big school and with him settling in so well and his eagerness to go to school I was looking forward to seeing what his teacher had to say about him.

11:30 was his slot we sat going through his school books (Maths and English) as we wait to see his teacher.

We go through and are impressed at what he has done from spelling his name to counting and taking away.

We get called over and wait to hear how he’s doing.

“Freddie is a polite, clever little boy who never stops running”

This didn’t surprise us because he always runs at home although this would explain all the accident forms we keep getting from the school.

“He needs help with his writing but his maths is out of this world, he’s top of his class and can tell you how many items are there just from a quick glance”

I was surprised because when he’s home he can’t wait until his Math homework is out-of-the-way and finished.

She finished the consultation with..

“Everyone wants to be his friend and play his games, he’s a very popular little boy”

I think I was more pleased with this because I would hate the though of him alone on the play ground or struggling to make friends.

All in all he had a fantastic review and we walked away happy waiting to see him and tell him how proud we were and give him the £1 reward we promised.

I waited at the school door for him to come out and he comes out with a gold certificate for excellent Maths!

My little boy did so well and we are both so proud of how he is doing at school, if he keeps going at this rate he will go far.

Freddie Consultation Day
Freddie Consultation Day

Annabelle’s Consultation Day

Annabelle had now gone into year 5 so this was the first parent/teacher review of the year.

Her last few parents evenings were ok but nothing amazing, they all said the same things that she was chatty, goes at Annabelle speed but a polite little girl who try’s and can do better if she puts more effort into things.

10:30 her appointment was and we were pleasantly surprised at how neater he hand writing was from the last time and she got 1 maths question wrong out of the whole booklet.

We sat down with her teacher expecting the usual but what came out of her mouth next shocked us.

“Annabelle is Amazing!!”

We both looked at each other and just said wow, she went on to say how Annabelle was so clever, thinks about all her answers before answering and is just a delight to be around.

Is this Annabelle we are talking about??

How is her writing coming along we asked because we can see the difference?

“She doesn’t write a lot in the time she’s been given but what she does right is absolutely amazing so it doesn’t matter, the detail is incredible and very well thought out”

Not only this but she could have her pen licence in a weeks time, we left feeling amazed and decided a £1 wasn’t enough so we went out and brought her a unicorn onesie which was amazing and of course she loved it!!

We couldn’t be prouder of her, she has done so well and really stood out and showed us all what she can do.

Annabelle Consultation Day
Annabelle Consultation Day

Well done guys you’re doing us proud and amaze us every day!

Daddy Giraffe x





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