Being a parent comes with guilty pleasures

There are many ups and downs to being a parent the highs are watching your children learn to walk, talk and the cuddles you get when you don’t have to ask for them.

The downs being taking them for their injections, heartbreak and seeing them poorly when they are usual bouncing around happy.

Being a parent also comes with its guilty pleasures, for instance my parenting guilty pleasure would be when the baby goes down for the nap in the day I often will take the chance to catch an hour on the sofa to recharge, so whats you guilty parenting pleasures?

“Would it be completely wrong to say that my guiltily enjoy would be my son being under the weather as that is the only time he wants extended cuddles?”

“My parenting guilty pleasure is while I make the children’s dinner, sampling it and helping myself to bits of their food as I’m suddenly hungry and my dinner time is ages away when Daddy comes home!”

“Ohhhh this is mean, but I love waking them up in the morning, so I can jump into bed with them and have a five-minute cwtch.”

“When it’s bedtime and instead of doing all the housework, I have a hot drink and watch Netflix with no interruption”

” Mine is hiding in the kitchen and eating treats they can’t have ”

“At nap time I don’t do housework I binge watch TV and eat biscuits. I also sometimes give my son his tablet because I just want some peace.”

“Sharing their snacks with them or finishing off their food!”

“Feeding the ducks. I’ve always loved doing it and I’m sure I enjoy it more than him. “I’m just taking him out to feed the ducks…” and people smile because they think I’m treating him but really, it’s more for me… ”

“Once I’ve dropped the eldest to nursery I drive around until the baby falls asleep so I can go to KFC drive thru and eat in peace 😂”

“Suggesting we go to soft play so I can sit down and play with my phone in peace! 🙈”

“Getting the children involved in a baking activity just because I want cake. It always ends up as a win win situation for everyone though!”

“Mine is eating the last biscuit in the jar and blaming daddy”

‘Letting’ my tot was Fireman Sam on my phone so I can watch Neighbours on TV!”

It’s nice to see that I’m not the only one that takes full advantage of the small situations, as I’m currently sat her trying to stop my 3 year old eating my lunch even though he has just finished his!

So I ask whoever reads this post, being a parent yourself….whats your guilty pleasure?

Daddy Giraffe x

*This Image was taken off google images*


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