Must be a hard life being a toddler

When your children are babies it lovely, you can just cuddle them whenever you want and they are so cute and loving but then they become toddlers and you look at them kicking off sometimes and think it must be hard being you.

This happens leading up to becoming a toddler and when they hit the 2+ age which im sure every parent in the world has found this out.

Freddie is our 3 year old and has fantastic manners towards us and people in the street, he’s very friendly and likes talking to everyone he sees but like every now and again he has his melt downs.

So let me tell you some of my toddler tantrums I have experienced so far.

Just yesterday Freddie was in a grumpy kind of mood but was happily playing in the hallway, all of a sudden he throws his toys and lies on the floor crying.

Maybe he’s hurt himself?

So I ask him whats wrong and his response was something I wasn’t prepared for…

He was crying because he couldn’t fly!

Oh right well that’s something I hadn’t planned on solving today, how are meant to explain to a 3 year old that im sorry but I can make you fly anytime soon.

I turn to his mom and say it must be hard being a Freddie and within 2 minutes he had forgotten all about it and was watching Mr Tumble like his lack of flight had never happened.

Within my time as daddy I have learnt when to pick you battles and try not to laugh when they are having their moments.

Freddie had hit Annabelle and made her cry and this was my conversation with Freddie over apologising to his sister….

Daddy: Freddie say sorry!

Freddie: No!

Daddy: Say sorry now!

Freddie: I don’t want to!

Daddy: If you don’t say sorry you’re going to your bedroom and you’ll┬ástay there!

Freddie: Let me check my map……

Why I waited I don’t know but after a minute he responded..

Freddie: Hmmmm No!

He was sent to his room but I found this far to funny that he thought this up on the spot.

Even now my 1 year old has started getting attitude, she now can walk and talk pretty well but ever now and again this beautiful angel has her moments.

She walks up to me with her empty bottle, looks up at me with them big beautiful blue eyes and asks for juice.

Of course you can princess!

So I fill the bottle and the second I go to hand it to her all hell breaks loose and before I know it she is rolling around on the floors screaming, so I leave it on the floor and instantly she stops picks it up and walks away.

I’m just left there think what the hell just happened!!

So surely teenage years should be easy right?


Daddy Giraffe x








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