How you meant to get anything done around here

With 5 children people often ask how do you get anything done?

The answer is with great difficulty.

Luckily for us 3 of them are over 8 so they generally look after themselves but the problem is we have a 3 year old Tornado and a 1 year old who has discovered she can not only start to walk but figured out she can climb and its a lot of fun!

Simple daily tasks are a little more difficult such as washing up the dishes (I know who washes dishes in this day of age) well since our dishwasher sadly passed away RIP, we have had to hand wash everything which is a ball ache at the best of times but imaging a 3 year old on a chair next to you re washing your washed cups and the floor and the chair and himself while your 1 year old is trying to bite your leg because she’s teething.

The hovering is not so bad because Freddie isn’t a big fan of the Hoover so he tends to keep his distance but Bethie sees it as a challenge and try’s to attack it like a puppy or pulls the wire so the plug comes out of the wall socket, you may think this is cute but by the time you have walked over to plug it back in you turn around and find she has grabbed the Hoover and now your taking away her favourite toy of all time (cue major tantrum)

Today the elder kids were in school, Freddie was watching Paw Patrol and I thought excellent I shall break out the old laptop and see if I can get a blog post done, I hear the sound of a chair dragged out from the table and a tiny little smiley face popping over my screen and in just one tiny finger the post was gone!! But you can’t be mad at something so beautiful, how can you be just look at that face.

How Bethie Demands Attention
How Bethie Demands Attention

So we have figured it is much easier to do anything when the babies go to bed just to get as much in as you can until the little monsters awake and the battle continues.

But we are parents and this is what we do and what we signed up for, I personally wouldn’t have it any other way.

Daddy Giraffe x



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