Halloween was better than expected

Halloween has come and passed bringing kids in scary costumes and belly’s full of sweeties.

Every Halloween we have a tradition where we hold a Halloween party at our house but this year was different, we moved into a new area of Telford which doesn’t have a great reputation especially at night so we decided we would have a quiet night in with the kids and just drop off sweet to the neighbours we knew.

The day started off with Freddie going to his first Halloween party at nursery, we gave him the choice of what he wanted to go dressed as and he wanted to go as a scary witch!!

We asked him again if he was sure he could go as Spider man or monster but he was sure he wanted to be a witch so a witch he was, we got him a pointy hat, painted his face green and made him an outfit to go with it and off to nursery he went to scare the teachers with his scary cackle.

Halloween witch
Freddie as scary witch

As the day got on we decided to take the gamble and get some sweets in to answer any trick or treaters we may get and we brought Annabelle an outfit to go out in also.

We braced ourselves and went out into the colds and knocked on a few doors, all of which gave the kids sweets. We walked further up the road and saw housed all decorated and loads of families out laughing and having fun.

This is not what we expected at all in the area that is supposed to be the worst in Telford but everyone had come together as a community and we sharing sweets, scaring the kiddies with costumes and filling all their buckets.

The kiddies came back excited and more than happy that their buckets were full of sweets and money, this from an area we thought the kids would not be safe in.

Little kiddies knocked on our door with all sorts of cute and scary costumes with their moms and dads dressed up to.

We finished the day with a Halloween buffet full of treats and party foods, even though we didn’t have a party this year it defiantly was one of the better Halloween’s we have had in a while.





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