Getting your child to sleep tips

Getting your child to start sleeping from an early age without hassle is one of the most stressful and draining tasks of being a parent.

Every parent uses different methods that work for them to get their child to sleep through the night whether it is staying up later, taking away afternoon naps or no sugar after a certain time in the day.

From experience my 3-year-old wakes up through the night thinking its time to wake up and have breakfast, so I asked how other people handle their child’s bedtime routines to see which is the most popular and maybe another way to approach setting them up for a good nights sleep.

A good bedtime structure – This is where your child has a set routine before bed so that they are aware of what time it is and that they need to mentally prepare themselves to go to sleep, This can involve brushing teeth, a drink, a wash to climbing into bed for a story or a chat of their day. Thank you Katy Kicker and mehimthedogandbaby.

A good night-light – Now this one rings home with me as we have just put a dim colour changing light in his bedroom and before he goes to sleep he picks his own colour and then goes to bed, this seem to be working and a few people seem to be a having the same sort of success. Thank you

Something Soothing – I like this one and haven’t considered it before, I also have a one year old who sometimes has broken sleep, this person suggested giving them something of yours that smells of you for them to snuggle into and fall asleep. I think It’s a great idea. Thank you evenangelsfall

The Wind Down – This is popular one which I may try myself. Before the go to bed give them 30 minutes of not TV, no Technology, no running around but just relaxing time of reading a story or doing some drawing or writing just so that the can wind down for bedtime. Thank you

Let them decide when their tired – A few people have said they let their child take the lead and to let them know when they are tired instead of battling them to sleep when there just not ready to go, we have all put out children to bed and they are just having a day where they are just not sleepy and will fight you for hours until they crash. Thank you

Story time – I love story time and try to read to my 3-year-old if I can but he just isn’t the kind of child to sit there for that long and read a long book because he loses interest quickly and will start to make his own stuff up (must just be my reading) Thank you

Don’t get stressed– This is one I certainly have failed at in the past, your tired it your kids bedtime and instead of sleeping they are running around the bedroom, shouting, screaming and crying, Your stressed and get annoyed at the child because its bedtime. Try to remain calm and speak in a passive tone explaining its bedtime and just breath, they wont stay awake forever and will crash out at some point.

I have loved doing this and finding out some new tricks for myself to try to get my babies to sleep quickly and hope fully throughout the night so they are refreshed and happy when they wake up.

If you still have trouble getting your child to sleep then take a look at this website that I found it has lots of useful tips and guides that may help you.

Thank you for all that participated in giving me ideas for getting my children to sleep I hope you get the same results

Daddy Giraffe x







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