Freddie and his first Interview as a 3 year old

It’s been a while since I have written a blog post with one thing going on or another, with it being a clean year and clean start trying to figure out how to do that clean start is another thing entirely but here I am sat at the kitchen table and I’m talking to my 3 year old Freddie and I’m asking him questions so why not let everyone else in on how our conversation goes.

An Interview with Freddie Hopkins..

Hello Freddie are you ok? – Nope, because your stinky

How old are you? – I’m 3!

Can you tell me the colour of your Eyes? – Blue

Excellent so what colour is your hair? – Yellow

You go to school now so do you like it? – Yeah I love school because all my friends are in it

Who is your best friend? –┬áCory and Harry

Who do you love? – I love Daddy and Mommy

What is love? – I think love is Daddy

What do you want to be when your older? – An Evil Witch..(Should I be worried???)

What’s your favourite song? – Captain America (sings his own song in the tune of leaves are falling)

Whats your favourite TV program? – Paw Patrol

What makes you laugh? – All of my friends

What is your favourite toy? – Marshal!

Out of all the food in the world what is your favourite? – Grapes (It’s not, I just so happened to of brought some Grapes today)

What’s your favourite animal?- A beast

What’s 1 + 2? – 1, 2, 3?….3!

Anything else you want to say before you go watch TV? – I love you

Well they I wasn’t expecting some of the answers I was given to be honest, trying to get his attention for longer that 5 minutes is a hard thing to do so he did really well to be fair.

There you have it an interview with a 3 year old

Daddy Giraffe



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