Expectations vs Reality of parenting

As new or experienced parents, there is always your expectations of parenthood against the reality. I have has these myself and was sure others had so I asked other parents around me the same and the responses were spot on

When you have your first child or are preparing for them your expectations are high, parenthood should be a breeze, we will get all of the stuff and get a routine in early and it shall all run smoothly.

Oh No I’ve forgotten everything!! – We have been through it all after having our first child so when we were expecting our second we thought it would be easy. The second baby arrived and we soon realised we had forgotten everything. http://www.thentherewerethree.uk

Try, Try and Try Again – We had our first child and followed everything from the book to a tee. The second baby comes along and you decide you have learnt from the first time and you will do it your way. The third child arrives and you just get on with it, enjoying the fun and experiences that come with it. https://www.nelliepompoms.co.uk

Sleeping – Thinking that newborn babies slept and fed every 4 hours where in my case was every 3.5 hours and continually cried for 5 days straight where I only got 3 hours sleep. http://www.teddybearsandcardigans.com

Expectations vs Reality
Tired Mommy

Maternity Leave should be Bliss – You start thinking maternity will be packed with activities like tea and cake meet ups maybe sometimes hosted in you tidy house. Now you just congratulate yourself for getting out the house after you’ve climbed over the clothes and toys on the floor. http://thegrowingmum.com

Stop growing– You cant wait to watch your kids grow up and see what kind of teen, adult they are going to turn out to be, what career they have, kids maybe even getting married someday. What actually happens is you spend the time wishing they would stop growing and thinking how nice it was when they were a baby. ( I love this one because that’s what I’m going through with my 1-year-old at the moment, I’m watching her try to walk and keep thinking I wish you were just a baby again) https://www.householdmoneysaving.com

The second baby will be just like the first – Oh if that was true in our case we have 5 children and their all very good, well-behaved, polite and then there’s our 3-year-old tornado who is in a complete league of his own, with a combination of fearlessness and 5 minute bursts of spoilt tantrums he’s more than a handful. https://mychaoticallyeclecticlife.com

Despite the exceptions or reality I wouldn’t change a thing about how our children are, whether they wake up at 2am or am, sleeps and eats perfect or just takes it when they want it, it’s all worth it in the end because there a part of me and mummy.

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