Embarrasing moments your kids have put you in

We all know kids are completely random and embarrassing at times especially at home but they all have that magical moment inside them where they usually wait for a sensitive or serious situation to launch their attack that makes you want the ground to open up and swallow you whole.

One of my embarrassing moments happened to be not long ago in fact, I was walking Freddie home from nursery and a young lady held the door open for us, a very nice thing to do where my 3 year old stops looks at her and says “You’re a big lady arent you” then casual walks away leaving me in a situation where somehow I’m the asshole.

Embarrassing Moment
Embarrassing Moments

I have asked around for a few examples of these kind of things, I’m going to be honest I wanted to hear them to lighten up my day and hopefully your will to by reading this. Here are some of the best ones i have found…enjoy.

My eldest daughter once shouted “look at the size of her bum!” To a lady with a rather large backside http://mummyof5miracles.com

Pulling down my top in public because he wanted a feed so I accidentally flashed a few people http://thegrowingmum.com

We are in a restaurant out for a family meal and my daughter goes to the toilet. She then comes back to the table screaming that she did a poo, like you mummy. Then gave a high-five to everyone http://www.mimiroseandme.com

My son was preparing for his first holy Communion…we had prepared him for weeks as his favourite word to say at the time was F*ck… He has many special needs , we knew one day he would no longer be able to speak, so we didn’t correct him for this word ( he used it appropriately too😂) His communion rolled around and we bribed him and he seemed to understand that word was not allowed at mass ! The priest kept going on and on towards the end of mass. My son isn’t one for sitting still, he had done his 40 minutes and to be honest the priest was still going at 50 mins ..my son stood up, I assumed he was going to walk around with his aid …he put his two hands together and roared “A fucking Men” …quickly I grabbed him while the rows in front of us , all bent their heads while their shoulders moved up and down… thankfully the priest was half deaf 😉 http://geraldinerenton.com

My daughter pointed to the lady standing next to us in a long, busy Queue & said (very loudly I might add) ‘Look Mummy, she is pregnant just like you!’ The lady then kindly said ‘No my dear, that’s just my tummy!’ I could have died with embarrassment http://www.mummyinthemadhouse.com

We went to a posh ice cream parlour and an older lady was peering over the glass counter to choose a flavour and my 19 month old walked up to her and slapped her on both bum cheeks. I was so shocked I couldn’t get any words out, but thank god she laughed. http://www.mumworthy.com

Taking my four year old and my two year old around Tesco’s, I find myself in the toiletries aisle alongside a rather attractive man, so I’m trying to look all casual and stuff. Randomly, my four year old points to the Tampax boxes and shouts (yes, shouts!) “MUMMY LOOK! THERE’S THOSE THINGS YOU PUT UP YOUR BOTTOM!!” and looks *really* pleased with herself. I LITERALLY DIED https://themumconundrum.com

When my eldest was younger. I had him in his baby carrier, and he managed to kick down my jeans in the middle of a shop. I had shopping in my hand and him on the front, I was just stood there flashing my granny pants to everyone! http://www.methemanandthebaby.co.uk

My (then) three year old sang “who ate all the pies” to a rather large man at the garage. I almost died. http://fivelittledoves.com

While getting changed at the pool at Centre Parks a couple of years back my son took great delight in yelling out ‘mummy! You’ve got a penis!’ I did point out (very loudly) that no I actually don’t have a penis, thanks but predictably he wanted to make sure that everyone heard and argued it out. Looking forward to returning the favour one day https://www.craftsonsea.co.uk

I have to say I loved reading every single one of these they really did make me laugh to the point where my children are suspicious at why I’m laughing.

For all those mummy’s and daddy’s that have been embarrassed by their children just remember that one day they will get the same in return, and the cycle goes on.

Thanks for reading

Daddy Giraffe x

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