Elizabeth Ann’s Personality is finally here and shes awesome!

For any of those who don’t know who Elizabeth Ann is, she is the youngest child named after Cheryl’s mother, we all call her Bethie for short unless she’s naughty of course then we use her big girl name, which is usually the time she looks at us as if to say who are you talking to?

From an early age Bethie was very content and laid back, nothing really bothered her at all, she was the perfect baby as she slept well, ate well and was generally calm amongst other people unlike her brother Freddie.

With being content there was a few things that she wouldn’t do such as we could not get her to laugh at all no matter how hard we tried, we would get smiles and squeaks but no giggles, not only that but she HATED having a bath and would scream the house down from the second she was undressed to the moment she was dressed again and fed.

My Beautiful Bethie Boo

My princess turned one and by then was doing loads of things like babies should be, she was always happy, singing songs and nursery rhymes, copying words while getting the hang of saying mommy and daddy also dancing…boy did this baby love to dance, in fact her favourite song was “Feels” by Katy Perry.

As she gets a bit older we start to see the real Bethie come out like over night, she is talking full sentences and telling us what she wants, she tells us when she has done a poo, wants her cup or doggy, she knows animals and all of the kids names and anyone that walks through the door she knows them all by names.

Mommy starts playing with her one day because well she’s a mommy’s girl through and through, she only calls daddy to tell me she has done a poo. I guess I should be grateful to be thought of.

Then the day came…..she walks!!

Now she could walk before but she is a lazy baby and crawling is fast so that’s how she would get about but one day  she just stood up and she was off and walk every, now walking also comes hand in hand with oh look now I can reach things and chase you all around the house.

She fights her brothers if they are just sitting there and will hold her own against anyone if she thinks anything s her’s, Bethie eats anything that is not nailed down, we have yet to find something she doesn’t like but her favourite by far is pizza!!

I’ve never known a happier, smiley, polite baby in my life with the most beautiful eyes but of course I will say that because she is my Princess Bethie Boo and I’m so glad she has found her cheeky (or chee chee as she calls it) happy self.

I love you Bethie and enjoy every second of watching you grow and learn

Daddy Giraffe x



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