Children’s Cartoon Characters That Baffle Me

We all have that one children’s cartoon that we secretly enjoy, mine happens to be The Amazing Adventures of Gumball.

Despite having your favourites you will find yourself watching many different cartoons and if your anything like me and how I think you would have thought something wasn’t quite right with some of the programs or Characters

So I have decided to list my Top Ten Kids TV characters that just don’t sit right with me and the reasons why…I hope you enjoy.

10. Tinky Winky – Now I know for sure that I’m not alone here when this character is brought up. Lets start with the name, I’m not sure I’m comfortable with my kids watching a giant fluffy thing called Tinky Winky, that’s the best name they could come up with? Knowing that it’s a children’s TV program. Not only is he giant and purple and carrying around a purse, now there nothing wrong with carrying a purse in fact I would buy my son a push chair if he wanted it but there is just something off with a character that all they can say is Tinky Winky.

9. Peppa Pig – My son loves Peppa Pig and watches it all the time, the problem I have is she is a spoilt little brat who talks to her parents like crap and gets away with it.  Also in the town where they live they are all animals that can talk from Pigs to Elephants but on their days out they visit the ducks on the pond?? Are these ducks not allowed to speak freely in this town but are reduced to bits of bread from Peppa and Daddy Pig, why don’t they talk it’s the same as Goldie the Fish, apparently if you’re a water based animal you don’t count sorry guys.

8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle – As a kid I love TMNT I would watch it every Saturday morning without fail, it wasn’t until I was watching it with my little boy that I looked at them in their colourful bandannas and thought who are they disguising themselves for? I’m pretty sure they isn’t another 4 giant turtles wandering the city that they could be mistaken for.

7. Mr Tumble – I can’t turn on my TV without seeing this guy and all of his tumble family, now he has a very close family or he has a multiple personality’s.  Freddie has his books and a Tumble doll which you hear say “I’m Mr Tumble Honk” at 2 in the morning when he turns over. I’m also slightly suspicious that he is making up his own sign language but I don’t know enough to catch him out.

6. Cinderella – I was watching this with my 8 year old the other night, and I hadn’t even thought about it until I saw the film. Fairy Godmother says you must be back by the strike of 12 because everything will change back…BUT NOT HER SLIPPERS!! not only that but is there nobody in the whole kingdom that has the same shoe size as Cinderella?

5. Phineas & Ferb – Now I love this program I watch it just for Doofenshmirtz but the one thing I’m not sure about is why Phineas’s family are normal with normal sized heads so whys is his head a triangle?? What happened to this poor boy? How does he blow his nose without cutting himself?

4 .Winnie the Pooh – More like Willy the Pooh…put some damn trousers on Winnie!! You already put your t-shirt on then just got lazy.

3. Shimmer & Shine – If you don’t know this program its a bout a girl who has 2 genies in training and she happens to get 3 wishes a day. Sound good I hear you say, she could change the world i hear you say, stop hunger, stop war or even stop natural disasters. But she wishes for cake, more cake, flowers and every day basic shop brought items. Selfish!

2. Ryder – Paw patrol is big in our house and on most of the time….a lot of questions here so let me take a deep breath. Where’s this kids parents? Where does he get all this  money to buy all this tech? Why do only the Paw Patrol talk and no other animal? When he video calls them how do we see they faces..they don’t have phones or cameras? Why is there no emergency services in the place other than the Paw Patrol. ( I think I’m done)

1.Norman Price – This kids got to go, vote him out, have a petition and ship him off. Norman is the route cause for 90 percent of Pontypandy’s fires and emergencies. But despite  nearly ending the world, burning his town down to a crisp just a simple sorry Sam and all is forgiven until next time you have a bright idea Norman Bloody Price!!

I hope you liked this and if you have anymore you would like to add then please feel free to let me know

Daddy Giraffe x

*Kids TV Picture was from Google search*



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