Best friends or worse enemies

This post believe it or not isn’t about two adults at war, no in fact it’s about my 2 little angels Freddie and Bethie who can’t make their minds up if they want to be best friends or worst enemies.

Freddie is 3 and Bethie is 1 so they are at a similar age gap where they can play and communicate and boy do we know it!

Bethie is a very bright 1 year old who loves to play with her brothers and sisters, shes full of kisses, cuddles and snot. But as cute as she is don’t be fooled by them big blue eyes, she has a very mischievous and naughty side.

Her naughty side likes to scratch, pull hair, blow raspberry’s and of course bite as you can see from this picture where I tried to have a sneaky cuddle with my baby girl.

What a nice Girl
What a nice Girl

Freddie is a boy of comfort he is happy watching his favourite show BabyBus with a cup of tea but when he is in one of them moods he is what we like to call our little tornado, he fights, jumps, swings, teases his siblings and sees how far he can push his luck with his cheeky chappy smile.

Fireman Freddie
Fireman Freddie

Now they can be best friends sitting nice and quiet side by side watching TV or even building a den in the living room where Freddie will come to get Bethie to join in the fun which is lovely to see.

Then wait for the screaming where Bethie has leaped on Freddie’s back attacking him and trying to fight everyone in the place but our Freddie is aware that if he does something wrong Bethie will take the fall as she cannot talk her way out of it.

These pair of munchkins have years yet to grow a relationship lets just hope it’s not one where they are constantly fighting and find out they are best friends.

But despite how they are throughout the day, every night they will walk up stairs together before bed and Freddie will say goodnight to his baby sister before he goes to sleep and she is the first person he asks for when he’s awake before her making sure she has breakfast waiting.

Awww they do love each other really!!

Daddy Giraffe x





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