Admitting there something wrong with my son?

Admitting there maybe something wrong with your child is a hard thing to accept, as a parent you like to think your child is perfect and of course there is nothing wrong with them because it would never happen to your child.

Freddie has always been a polite boy when it comes to talking to people, he uses please and thank you and will wave at everyone he passes in the street but there are things that my partner noticed and I just wouldn’t except.

Admitting is hard just look at that face

In new situations like meeting new people or children his own age Freddie struggles to interact as part of a group or show little interest in what everyone else is doing, he needs encouragement to join in with others which he does in the end but its a battle.

Pretending is a big part of Freddies life, he is always in his own land and is either a superhero or someone he has seen on TV. Now I know he is only 3 and kids have a big imagination but when it comes to the point where you cant talk to him without him going off into his own world then alarm bells start to ring.

I refused to admit there was anything possibly wrong with my little boy and the first time I actually thought oh there might be something was when I sat him on my lap and tried to have a conversation with him and ask him some questions, I battled so hard to get his attention and stop him from straying into a different character until I admitted defeat and started looking at him closer.

More things started to make me think as I watched him struggling to handle certain situations like when there is to much noise he will cover his ears even though its not very loud compared to what he is used to and the noise he makes just by himself.

The latest thing is he has a meltdown every time there is a change or he is put into a new situation for instance he went into the bathroom and because the light wasn’t switched on when he went in there he started to panic instead of just walking out of the open door.

His tantrums are getting worse and more often over the littlest of things where your only options are to punish him for being naughty or try to calm him down and talk to him which in turn is difficult if he is not willing to listen to you.

Admitting there maybe something wrong with my little boy is hard and I see him as this perfect daddies boy who is just a typical 3 year old, nursery are seeing him as polite and caring but will often go off in his own little world, so where do we go from here?

How long do I leave it before I get him seen?

Is he just to young and is a typical 3 year old?

He will wake up at 3am and have complete meltdowns before going back to sleep if i’m lucky enough that’s he tired, I was in denial at first but slowly admitting to myself there maybe something underlining.

Freddie you maybe a little tornado and there may or may not be something wrong with you but regardless your my little boy and I wouldn’t have you any other way, Daddy loves you very much

Daddy Giraffe





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