Friday night with Freddie

The weekend is something that the kids usually look forward to, Friday means no more school for 2 days.

Friday morning we wake the kiddies as normal and when its Freddie’s turn to wake up we are not greeted with the smiley good morning I can’t wait for school.

Instead we are met with can I stay home today I have a cough?

Freddie loves school and never misses a day so for him to want to stay home we took as a sign of him feeling under the weather and he had a day in his pajamas.

This cough was a barking kind of cough, the type that makes him sound like seal which we knew straight away was Croup.

We knew this because he’s had it 4 times all ready and gets it often.

For those of you who don’t know what Croup is it’s a condition that usually affects babies and small children.

It’s a viral infection which gives your child a temperature, seal like barking cough and struggling to breathe.

Usually you can ride this out at home by using Calpol for the temperature and steam to help clear the air waves but this time Freddie woke up seeming a bit worse for wear.

We sent him to bed at 7pm for a good nights sleep and within an hour he was awake coughing, crying and wheezing.

I bring him downstairs and check his temperature where it was 38.8 after Calpol, he was shaking and breathing heavy.

Cheryl called 111 to get some advice and after hearing Freddie trying to breathe over the phone they sent out an ambulance.

After assessing him they decided to take him in to be checked out.

Freddie would get his first ride in an ambulance which he loved every second of.

We get to hospital and we are shown into a cubicle to wait to be seen, its late and Freddie is tired so trying to keep him awake is a hard task indeed   

Were seen by a nurse who gave him some more medicine which tasted like Orange and some strong steroids which didn’t taste as nice.

We waited for 4 hours to be seem by a doctor so we took Freddie into the play room for a while to play with some toys until we were seen.

A lovely doctor came to examine him and he was by far the best doctor i’ve seen.

He asked Freddie question, let him listen to his own heartbeat and even tickle attacked him.

It was explained to us about Croup and that with the long-lasting steroids he would feel better in a few days.

The doctor then brought out a leaflet and knelt down to Freddie’s level and explained to him how he can treat himself and all about Croup before tickling him once more and sending us home.

We arrive home at 2am where he falls straight to sleep but the next few days are rough and we are some tried parents.

Get better soon Bear x





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