Battle of the Cartoons, Mine vs the Kids

After watching TV with my kids earlier it got me thinking about the difference between children’s TV now compared to what I would watch as a child, so how do we find out who is the best?….well it’s a battle of course!

So I have picked 5 of my TV shows as a child/teen to battle with 5 of my children’s shows today and let’s see who is the best.

Battle One.

Kenan and Kel – I used to love this show growing up, it was about 2 teenagers who were best friends and they would get into all sorts of trouble, mainly because Kenan had all these bright ideas and Kel would go along with them usually bribed with his love of Orange Soda with the famous phrase any kid in the 90’s would know as”Who love’s orange soda?”. The into was cool rapped by Coolio who also featured in the titles starting with Kel’s phrase ” Oh here it goes!”

Sam & Cat – This show is about two girls who start their own babysitting business and get into weird situations and adventures. Sam is the tough girl straight out of Juvenal and Cat is the slightly simple pretty one just happily getting by. With their friends getting them in and out of mischief these 2 still become the best of friends and somehow still keep their babysitting jobs.

Winner Kenan & Kel
Winner Kenan & Kel

Battle Two

Saved by the Bell – This was based at a high school and has the usual characters such as the good-looking one, simple one and talented one. This show was based on comedy situations but it wasn’t all fun and laughs as it would sometimes focus on the more real situations like drugs. The most famous character that everyone knew in this of course Screech. I have to say this wasn’t my kind of thing to watch as it generally just bored me, that and i couldn’t stand screech and his unusually long face.

Victorious – A group of teens in a musical arts school, again it has all of the usual characters the good-looking one, class clown and of course the talented one. Everyday there is a problem or a task they have to do which usually ends in a mash-up song which to be fair    arent to bad. You know when you have seen enough when 2 minutes into the show you know what episode it is before the kids.

Winner Victorious
Winner Victorious

Battle Three

Barney – Barney was a big part of my life as I remember bringing my little brother downstairs and I would sit him on the sofa and he would watch this massive purple dinosaur dance around within a classroom. He would sing and dance and teach you things and at the end he would sing the I love you song which even to this day I can remember off heart. Oh how I miss that dinosaur.

Teletubbies– Now these have been around for years even when I was a teen but the reason they are on t he now list is that they are still around now and my 1 year old watches them, but it’s just not the Teletubbies now…oh no it’s their babies!! The problem I have with the them is they don’t talk properly to the point where my baby started saying “eho” instead of hello but it’s bright and colourful and it keeps the baby entertained.

Winner Barney
Winner Barney

Battle Four

Power Rangers – This was about a group of teenagers who would transform into ninjas with the power of certain dinosaurs, they would battle evil ninjas and monsters who would try to take over the world. The big battle would consist of the bad guy growing 100ft tall so they Power Rangers would crate a massive robot that would come with a giant sword and the two would battle Godzilla style!

Henry Danger – A pair of crime fighters who protect Swellview, Captain Man is the main superhero that is indestructible. All the characters in this show are funny and with their own quirks including the bad guys like The Toddler and Drill Finger. I have to say this show makes me laugh at some point in the show. I enjoy watching this more than the kids do.

Winner Henry Danger
Winner Henry Danger

Battle Five

RugRats – Tommy Pickle and his gang, this is a cartoon about a group of babies who everyday break out of they play pen and explore going on all sorts of adventures. Tommy was always bald and never wore trousers, Chucky was bright ginger with glasses, twins Phil and Lil and finally the bossy older child Angelica despite her name is a naughty child.  This was everyone’s favourite children’s TV show before school, all we can do is sit back and just wait for any re runs.

Peppa Pig – Peppa has taken over the world, a family of pigs with Peppa being the oldest and bossiest at that. He favourite thing to do in the world is jump in muddy puddles (being a pig and all) I don’t mind Peppa but her attitude stinks, right to the point where we had to stop my 3 year old watching it because he refused to say sorry just like Peppa until we said sorry first.

Winner RugRats
Winner RugRats

So there we have it, in my opinion we had way better kids TV than today with the score being 3-2.

What’s your thoughts?

Daddy Giraffe x

*All Pictures were taken off google images*




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