Zimpli Kids Review

Bath times can be a task when you’re a parent an if your children are anything like mine getting them in a bath is like wrestling a crocodile but thank god for Zimpli Kids.

Zimpli Kids have an array of things to keep your children entertained and what entertains your children more I hear you say?

Its making a mess!

I was send some products to test out on the kiddies and I had so much fun myself as well as the kids.

I got a package and I was like a kid at Christmas opening it, I open the box and here are what treasures were inside.

Snowball Play

Snowball Play
Snowball Play


Want a snowball fight without getting cold?

This is the stuff for you, its amazing to watch it change from water to a snowy texture, put it in a bucket or tub and let them go nuts!

Easy to clean or dispose of afterwards but I recommend they play with it outdoors.

Gelli Baff

Gelli Baff
Gelli Baff


This came in a different colours like Lagon Blue and Oozy Red.

This was exactly as it said on the box it turned into jelly which was so satisfying to put your hands in.

We filled two big tubs of blue gelli and hid some colourful play pit balls in it.

The first person to find all ten balls was the winner.

There was lots of mess but even more fun and laughter.

It’s so easy to dispose of, just add the deactivation powder into the Gelli Baff and it instantly dissolves so you can just pour it down the sink.

Slime Baff

Slime Baff
Slime Baff


This is by far the popular choice of them all.

Sometimes bath time is boring for kids especially mine 4-year-old who could spend that time doing something else so how do you keep in the bath long enough.

Slime that’s how!

After he’s all washed we tip the powder into the bath and 10 mins later he’s lying in a bath tub full of red slime.

He sliding everywhere and making slime pancakes.

Once he’s finished you can just empty the bath the more water you put in the thinner the slime gets then a quick wash off and your done.

I defiantly will be getting some more of this!

Water Colours

Water Colours
Water Colours


I have a little one who hates baths, hates everything about them and is screaming from start to finish.

Usually its a battle to get her bathed but we got her to pick her own colour of water and she was happy enough playing in a pink bath.

It doesn’t stain of affect the skin so you can bath your children as normal and let’s be honest who wouldn’t want to bathe in a pink bath.

I’m so pleased I was given the chance to review these product and they were a huge hit with my children providing hours of fun and laughter.

Daddy Giraffe x

*I was given these items in exchange for a fair and honest review by Zimpli Kids* 





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