Pull along Bumble Bee review

When having children the task to pick toys for your kids is a pain and expensive, me and my partner have always had a thing with the kids playing with wooden toys because they are sturdy and I like the look of them so the pull along Bumble Bee was perfect.

Our youngest daughter Bethie is 1 and like any baby/toddler her attention span of toys is  limited and she gets bored easy moving on to the next thing quite quickly.

With Bethie now walking around she would carry toys around the house until we came across this cute little pull along Bumble Bee.

Bumble Bee
Bumble Bee

The Bumble Bee came and it was exactly what we hoped for, it was bright, colourful and its springy antennas were a great touch.

Attached to the Bee is a long yellow rope so that when it’s pulled along the wings go around and the toy makes a clicky noise which our daughter finds highly amusing.

Bethie absolutely adores this toy, she pulls it along with her everywhere she goes the poor Bumble Bee has been thrown, dropped, bitten, had juice spilled over it and still it looks as shiny as when we first got it which is very impressive as any other plastic toy would break within hours.

Bethie and her Bee
Bethie and her Bee

As you can see Bethie loves her Bee and has even named it herself as Bobby.

I would highly recommend this toy to any parent who is looking to get their children a safe, fun appealing toy for any occasion, they will play with it for hours on end.

To get your own Pull along Bumble Bee then please click on the link below


Daddy Giraffe x



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