Letterbox Cake bakerdays Review

What if I told you that you could have cake delivered not only to your door but posted through your letterbox with your mail, your own designed cake with your own ideas and delivered before a celebration or a certain day? 

“Your crazy!”  I hear you say?

Today is the day my eldest turns 14, It doesn’t seem that long ago where he was playing with toys instead of spending his days on YouTube hours chatting to his friends online who he only just saw 20 minutes ago.

Harry has had a tough few years through bullying and has finally found himself settled in a new school and thriving in all subjects.

There is one subject he exceeds in this is Science, he has an obsession with this as he want to create a career around this, so much so he has learnt the periodic table of by heart which took some taking.

I came across a company called bakerdays, a cake makers that specialise in creating personalised cakes designed to be sent to you through the mail in a box that will fit through your letterbox.

I spoke to the lovely staff as I couldn’t find any designs that suited him so I asked them if they could make a cake with the Periodic Table on or would it be too much trouble, to which they said leave it to them and took my details.

Few days before Harry’s birthday and I receive an email saying they have dispatched the cake and they hope he enjoy’s it.

That very morning it arrives in a box, I open it with excitement and I couldn’t be more please with the result, It came in a lovely presented tin and was better than I imagined.

It was fresh, smelled amazing and looked even better.

Would Harry like it though?

Letterbox Cake
Letterbox Cake

By the look of his face I would say he did!

Thank you Bakerdays for all of your hard work of making this teenagers day.

If you would like to order a personalised cake for any occasion then you can by visiting https://www.bakerdays.com

You can get 15% off if you use this code DADDYGIRAFFE15

Daddy Giraffe x







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