Christmas Snowflake the magical read by Wonderbly

Christmas is just weeks away!

Can you believe that just a few weeks, we have been looking forward to it all year round and now it’s here I need more time to prepare.

If you anytime like us Christmas Eve is just as magical as the day it’s self, it’s the day were we all prepare for the big man in red to visit and drop all the presents. We have a routine on Christmas Eve where we leave out reindeer food for them to see our house, the children unwrap new pyjamas to go to bed in, we leave out Mince Pies and a drink for Santa then watch a Christmas Film before bed.

This year we have decided to read a Christmas story to the children but finding the right one was more difficult than we thought as there are hundreds of them, all of them with the same sort of story lines. I wanted something my children would remember we did as a tradition, a story that they could read to their children, something that would make the holiday special.

I looked online and saw a company called Wonderbly who do personalised books for children and there newest book is called The Christmas Snowflake, the title sounded interesting so I had a look, on the site I was able to add the names of all the members of the family into the story line.

Family Names
Family Names

This story has it all, excitement, magic, something that all the family can relate to and the very end is a decoration we can place onto our Christmas Tree which I though was an amazing touch and something we could keep and place on our tree every year.

Christmas Decoration
Christmas Decoration

Page after page is filled with Christmas joy keeping the attention of kids as they follow their own journey throughout the story

I can’t wait to read this to my children on Christmas Eve to get them in the mood for Santa so they can go to bed excited, it’s not just a story book it’s a memory that we can keep forever to look back on when they were younger and read it to their children some day.

If you would like one of these personalised books for yourself or your children then you can get them from the link below and put some magic into your children’s bedtimes.

Daddy Giraffe x






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