Children happy with Appy Drinks

If your children is anything like mine then they go through so much juice in a week all sorts of flavours and all sorts of brands.

The juices we tend to get our children (there’s 5 of them bear in mind) the large bottles for a couple of quid and even then getting them all to decide on a flavour they actually collectively like is a mission and a half.

The big ones like strong juice where as my little ones like the cartons and pouches which is easier because there are no spills or accidents, also I may stress at this point I have fussy little ones so getting them to drink the pouches is hard when they don’t believe you what flavour is inside.

I stumbled across Appy drinks a company that do pouch juices of all flavours for children, the difference being the covers are of cartoon characters and children’s TV shows, so I thought that I would give them a go.

The parcel arrived and in it was boxes filled with pouches of juice, the boxes were bright and colourful with children’s TV shows on them, there was Dora the Explorer, TMNT and Freddie’s favourite show Paw Patrol.

Paw Patrol Appy Juice
Paw Patrol Appy Juice

Once the kids saw the characters on the juice its didn’t matter what flavours they was they were more than happy to try them!

They came in Orange, Apple and Mixed Fruits. The children loved them from our 1-year-old to the teenagers, they tasted great and were low in sugar so I didn’t have to worry about how much juice they were drinking.

Appy Juices
Appy Juices

Before I¬†knew it they were all gone and I didn’t even get a look in at trying one, I shall defiantly be getting these again and shall be trying the children’s snacks they do also.

The elder kids rated them 10 out of 10

The little ones rated them 10, 11, 12, 13, 16, 20 out of 10

If you would like to try these Juices for yourselves then you can get them for the link below.

Daddy Giraffe x

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