Blogging night out in Star City

When you’re a blogger you spend the majority of the time networking or writing and while checking my email I stumble a blogging night invitation.

The blogging event involved a night out at Star City in Birmingham where we would be treated with food, fun and entertainment.

As this was my first blogging event  since I became a blogger I wasn’t sure what to expect but I decided to go anyway and take the plunge.

There was a group of 8 bloggers which I met outside Star City and the night of events where to follow.

Outdoors Ice Rink

Ice Rink
Ice Rink


First stop was some Ice Skating.

Sounds fun right?

Except I had never skated in my life so I looked like Bambi learning to walk for the very first time.

I cling onto the side taking baby steps along the ice thinking I wasn’t doing to bad until a 5-year-old skates past me where I realise maybe ice skating isn’t for me.

Although I struggled to stand I had fun and didn’t fall once which was a bonus and I would give it another go.




If you like chicken then you will love Nandos!

We go in and sit around the table in a booth and await whats next.

After some chatting and getting to know each other the waiter brings over 4 plates of chicken wings and its announced that we will be doing the roulette wing challenge.

This is where there a mixture of mild, medium and how wings but you can’t tell which ones they are so your having to guess.

It seemed like every wing I picked was the hot wings and it soon went around the table of people picking the same having to get extra drinks just to stop the burning lips.

The wings were gone but with difficulty but be did the challenge!

Mini Golf

Mini Golf
Mini Golf

Again this is the first time I have played mini golf but I was looking forward to this.

We Step in and the course is jungle themed and looks amazing!

Two teams of 4  are made and we start on the course.

Turns out we are all equally bad as each other and it seems almost impossible to get that tiny ball in the hole.

We played 18 courses and with a lot of swearing and miss hits we finish where I manage to place third out of 8 which I was happy with.

Who knows I could be the next Tiger Woods.

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut

After working up an appetite from all that golf we called into Pizza Hut for a meal and the last thing our agenda.

Looking through the menu something caught my eye that I wouldn’t have usually of order and that was the Pulled Chicken Mac & Cheese.

It looked good on the menu and I ordered a side of fries just in case.

After chatting for a while the food arrive and OMG the size of my Mac & Cheese was unbelievable.

If I had known it was that huge I wouldn’t have ordered the fries or ate so many chicken wings.

I tried it and it was creamy,cheesy and by far the best choice of the table.

Despite my best effort I couldn’t finish it but it was worth the challenge.

End of the night

The end of the night came we were all tired and full.

It was time to go our separate ways but not before swapping social media.

Great night had by all and I was so glad that I stepped out of my comfort zone and met new people who also do blogging.

Star City is a great place for a night out, it has everything you could need in one place from cinemas, restaurants and entertainment.

I shall definatly be going again for a night out.

Testing out Star City
Testing out Star City










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