Benjy Bunn’s Busy Day Review

My 3 year old never stops from the moment he wakes up to the second its announced that  its bedtime, the only time he is still and settled is when its time for a story before bed and this week it was the story of Benjy Bunn’s Busy Day.

This story actually reminds me of Freddie and the mischief he is oblivious to when he feel like he is helping us out around the house.

The story is about a helpful little Bunny called Benjy…

Benjy starts the day deciding that he is going to be helpful but this doesn’t go to plan for the poor bunny as everything goes wrong.

He makes poor choices and a lot of mess while coming up with in his mind great ideas to be helpful for mommy from baking a cake to cleaning his own room all ends in disaster for which Benjy is oblivious too.

Helpful Benji
Helpful Benjy

Benjy makes his way into the garden to try to help Mommy and Daddy which Freddie found highly amusing as he is pulling up plants and spraying water every where because he’s having too much fun.

Illustrations and Readability 

The illustrations in the book are good with it being very colourful to catch the eyes of children preventing them from getting bored easily.

The writing is exactly the kind that Freddie likes and relates to which it the story rhymes throughout the book from start to finish making it easier for the child to understand I think.

Although a short story it is exactly what it is aimed for, a quick read before bed or a calm five minutes of cuddle time where they can interact enough without losing interest.


For me I like to know more about the book’s to find out where they came from and how the ideas came to life for us to read.

This is a lovely tale as the book was originally written by Bev Scott Prior who read it to her children at the local nursery in 1970.

This was then typed by her husband 45 years ago and brought back to life in 2018 by their grandson James Burns, keeping it’s old-fashioned charm.

Release dates and information

This wonderful book is due to be released to the public on 15th my 2018 in the UK.

It is also currently available to pre-order on &

I will look forward to this coming out and the follow on’s as im sure my son is also.

Daddy Giraffe x









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