Wow 34! Do i feel older and when do you start to feel old?

Today I reach the age of 34 wow!!

Yesterday I was all young and hip then at the stroke of 12am I was an old, out of touch 34 year old.

So do I feel any different not really no but I do find myself thinking when did I get so old in things like seeing young people with their trousers so low you can see their boxers, this is where I find myself shaking my head and tutting.

With that said again I asked some of you when was the point in your life that you found yourself feeling old and their responses were great and I could relate to as well which is worrying.

Am I turning into one of those people who complain my cup of tea is either to milky or to strong? or the fact that I found myself refusing to buy coffee because the price went up 50p and walked elsewhere to find some cheaper…that’s right walked!!

Anyway here is what some people also in my position had to say about it:

“When I realised I let out a little noise every time I stood up after sitting”

“When I realised that I wanted to put the heating on, and actively looked forward to a cup of tea”

“Right now after reading this and realising at 41 I must be ancient!!”

“When I sprouted grey hairs and my back started creaking every time I stand up”

“When I read an article on the benefits of middle aged people walking and saw that 40 was in that middle aged range. I know it’s likely that I passed my middle age a while back but seeing it in black and white was a bit of a shock. I don’t feel old at all!”

“When I walked past a group of teenagers and they looked right through me as I am now in the ‘so old I’m invisible to teens bracket’!”

“When filling in forms and you have to tick the age 35 – 40 box , or working with a group of girls who are all in their early 20’s”

“When I went to the cinema and asked for a pack of Opal Fruits and the 18 year old assistant looked at me like I was an alien. My boyfriend said “ignore her, she’s still stuck in the 80’s and actually wants Starbursts”

“Working with people who have never watched friends when it was actually first on TV and have only seen it through repeats.”

I think I can look at this a few ways

  1. I can say well I’m 34 and not quite 35 and just cram as much a I can within a year all the crazy stuff like having an extra sugar in my coffee (Living on the wild side)
  2. Admit I’m getting old and live with it, embrace the noises when I get up or moaning when its to hot or to cold. If I’m gonna be old might as well through my all into it (Not too much though in case I break a hip)
  3. Denial..Denial…Denial.

34 wow seemed just like yesterday I was 33!!

Daddy Giraffe x




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