Wanting to learn sign language

Before I get old…well older, there are certain things that I am wanting to do and learning sign language is one of them.

When Freddie was little he used to watch a Children’s Program which I’m sure you have all heard of, this program is Something Special.

This is a program which stars Justin Fletcher, he meets with children that have special needs and explores days out which learning new things using sign language.

In this he plays a character called Mr Tumble who both Freddie and now Bethie are obsessed with to the point of when they would sing bed time stories or said thank you they would do it using sign from what they saw on the program.

Mr Tumble
Mr Tumble

After doing some research in to sign language I found that Deafness is not only the 3rd most common disability in the world but its estimated that 9 million people in UK alone are deaf.

 With my dad just becoming blind and my on a quest to raise awareness for mental health I find that im wanting to learn sign language especially when im looking to go into the caring industry looking after the young and elderly.

So how will I go about this, I have learnt some basic Makaton signs from good old Youtube but I will need to do some kind of course to actually get anywhere or I will just be wandering around signing Hello and Sandwich!

So do any of my friend out there know sign language and are willing to give me pointers or guide me in the right direction on what to do.

In this multicultural world we should not only have the options of learning other languages in school but the option of learning basic sign for people in schools that are hard of hearing or when you go out into the real world and meet someone and it will make the barrier between you easier.

Thank you for reading!

Daddy Giraffe x








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