Top 5 Loves with Daddy Giraffe

A short while ago I posted a piece on my top 5 hates which included things like rudeness and early morning wake up calls.

This time im going to write about the lighter side of thing so this is Daddy Giraffes top 5 Loves.

5. Biscuits

Chocolate Hobnob
Chocolate Hobnob

I never ever was a sweet person, I didn’t really have sugar in my tea or coffee and ate very little in the way of chocolate BUT then I had children and discovered how awesome biscuits are!!

I  gained a little addiction at one point where I was always trying different types to try and find the best biscuit in the world, which happens to be in my opinion the all mighty chocolate Hobnob, an indestructible biscuit that meets all needs.

From anyone I have asked this biscuit is always within their top 3, it’s a good job I have a fast metabolism or I would be 50 stone!

4. Musicals 

Rocky Horror
Rocky Horror

I’m a big fan of musicals and always have been, I have watched most of them from The Phantom of the Opera to Annie.

My top Musical of all time up until 2 weeks ago was always The Rocky Horror Picture Show, I loved everything about it and from The Phantom of the Opera to Oliver but my favourite musical of all time until 2 weeks ago was The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

At one point was given tickets to see it live and on the front row but I chickened out as I was right in the sight of being pulled on stage and having to dress up, so I gave them away but regretted it instantly.

My new favourite musical is The Greatest Showman, I was a bit dubious about the reviews but they were all right it is amazing, I was entertained from start to finish and now listen to the soundtrack which never gets old.

3. The Lion King

Lion King
Lion King

My favourite Film of all time!!

This may come as a shock as I’m a big Bruce Lee fan and I even had all of his films but now at my grand old age of 34 Lion King is hands down my favourite film.

How can you not like a story about a small lion who cant wait to be king!

I have always wanted to see the Lion King musical but it’s always in London and I hate London it to busy for me so I will just wait and hope it comes on the TV at some point.

Hakuna Matata

2. Martial Arts

Martial Arts
Martial Arts

My life has surrounded Martial Arts from a young age, I was big into kickboxing when I was younger entering various competitions then I saw MMA for the first time on TV and was instantly hooked.

I took up MMA when it was brand new, all of my friends at school had just seen it coming out and I was actually doing it at the time.

I progressed through the years going to different gyms and doing different fight coming with different injury’s and broken bones.

Now days I watch it on the TV and follow it heavily from the more famous UFC shows to the lesser known Cage Warriors and Bamma.

Top Love is of course my Family

Hand Holding
Freddie & Bethie Holding Hands

Of course it is why wouldn’t it been anything else.

I love every single one of my children and I am so proud of how they are growing up and I really look forward to seeing what kind of people they all grow up to be.

Every single one of the kids have the chance to change the world and I truly believe one of them will.

I love Cheryl very much and couldn’t have pictured my children with anyone else, shes an amazing person and an even better mother, they really couldn’t ask for more.

So my top love is always my family.

Daddy Giraffe x





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