Things to prepare you for parenthood

You’ve had your fun and its announced you’re going to have a baby, you’re going to be a parent and if its your first time you may not be expecting what comes next from babies to toddlers to teens so here are some things you will need to know for parenthood.

Poo is a big part of your life now!

That’s right a lot of your time now will be spent around poo.

From the ever-changing colour poo from when they are first-born to where you look in their nappy and turn to your partner going errm is it meant to be yellow??

To, it must be ending right because they are starting to wear big boy pants until you hear the words from the bathroom “can you wipe my bum please”

That’s right you’ve basically become a slave to this tiny little human where you’re having to wipe their arse and be thankful.

Another thing about children and poo is it can happen anywhere!!!

For example I’m bathing my kids as normal, they are happily playing with their toys and without warning the water turns brown and it’s now a race of time to get them out the bath before they use it as a boat or even worse hand it to me.

You will need the patience of a saint.

You get that one beautiful picture of your child sleeping where you show everyone how amazing they are and just perfect.

What it actually took to get that picture was an entire day of your child, crying or screaming, snotting, running away once you bring the nappy out for bum change and inability to make a decision on what they want to watch.

Your child could be having the worst day in the world but it could be a number of reasons why, you just have to breath and get on knowing its bedtime soon and when it is and their asleep, you’re looking at them I guarantee the day won’t of mattered because the love you have for this monster is much stronger.

Being a parent is a full-time job.

A lot of people think if you’re a stay at home mom or a stay at home dad that your day consists of just watching TV, drinking coffee and wasting time avoiding any responsibility.

Where as you have the hardest job of all you’re a parent.

Not only are you a parent you’re a chef, a house cleaner, a chauffeur, a nurse and an entertainer.

When you’re a stay at home parent the TV isn’t yours, you don’t get a look in, when there is cartoons and songs on the TV and even if you could have the TV you wouldn’t have time to  watch it because there is mountains of washing to do, kids to feed, house to tidy and of course prepping for the evening dinner.

If you’re lucky enough to escape for a coffee and a snack for 5 mins I promise you that it ends up not being yours in the end and that you will be found wherever you go in the house.

They get braver as they get older and will push the boundaries.

They are angels and you’re teaching them their name and right from wrong, please and thank you but there comes a time when they say no.

They know their own minds and if they don’t want to something they wont do it, now this could be anything from eating breakfast up to going to bed.

There are two things you need to remember in these situations in my experience..

  • Remember that you’re in control what you say goes so don’t budge, if you’ve said no you must have said it for a reason and them going back on that just to give you a peaceful life is showing that they get what they want if they scream, shout and play it out for as long as they can.
  • DONT LAUGH! Or at least don’t show them that your laughing or you lose, there will be situations where they are kicking off or they say something to you that’s rude and unexpected, yes it maybe funny but they have to know it was wrong.

For example Freddie came up to me and asked for some sweets and I had said no so he called me a Bum Ass!

Now as amusing as I found this I had to tell him off but I did laugh when he left that he even thought of calling me a bum ass.

Just Enjoy it.

Things are going to test you, test your patience and even make you question yourself as a parent.

But these are the things you will miss when they are all grown up and they don’t want to cuddle you more, or sit on your lap, play games or just a simple goodnight daddy because its simply not cool anymore.

Your babies are grown and no doubt they will have babies someday too, so just enjoy watching your little ones grow and take as many photos as you can, get in these cuddle’s and share the funny moments because they grow so fast.

Daddy Giraffe x











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