Teenage daughter from a daddy’s view

Kids are hard enough to deal with at the best of time from babies to toddlers, teenager years to adults.

I’ve done the babies stages of night feeds, bum changes, long sleepless nights to the surprise crawling and walking.

The toddler stage of walking, climbing, messy eating and tantrums are next which if you brave it out you can make it through generally unscathed.

Your onto the next stage now from ages 5 – 10, the stage of learning at school and finding their personality and place in the family and amongst their friends.

There will still be tantrums and even messy eating but you wont be as stressed about it as they tend to be quite independent by this age.

Now comes the dreaded age of them all.

An age that all parents dread and a word that strikes fear into the strongest of people and that word is….


As a daddy whats worse than a teenager?

A teenage girl!

Bringing up children I have learnt that boys basically raise themselves, the smell, fight, burp, fart and are always getting hurt because they have no sense of fear.

But girls are harder in my eyes they squeal, most of them are like tiny princesses and I have no idea how to plait hair or whats the difference between leggings or tights.

So bringing up girls is bad enough and as a daddy your already over protective as it is over your baby girl so image what its like when they become a teenager.

Because teenage girls bring issues like hormones, periods and boys!

You know they will start their period and as a dad you dread the conversation and try to be as supportive as you can and just muddle through like you know what you’re doing.

With this brings tears and mood swings where all you can do is try to make them comfortable and ask the same question over and over of “Are you ok?”.

As a daddy we were young boys at one point so we know how boys are and how they think around girls.

So you know in the back of your mind your daughter is going to have her heart-broken at some point and you just pray that she gets over it quick and you’re not going to have to break any legs.

Please say it gets easier as they grow up…..anyone?

So to my teenage daughter, you may be going through a lot that I don’t quite understand but just know that i’m here for you and will do the best I can.

Oh and stay away from boys!

Daddy Giraffe x 




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