Superstitions do we even know were doing them?

Ever since I was small I was told about certain thing do do and not to do if I was to avoid bad luck like breaking a mirror would give you 7 years bad luck, which got me thinking what other superstitions do people have and do throughout the day and are they even aware they are doing it.

So I asked a few of bloggers what superstitions do they go by and do they believe in bad luck or even do their best to try and avoid it.

Some of the answers I had heard of before and some are completely new to me so feel free to read and tell me what you think.

“I salute magpies and I remember when I was younger if there were 3 drains together you would step on the first one , spit on the second and jump over it to the third because it was bad luck otherwise (gross now I look back!) ”

“I refuse to walk under ladders at any cost. I hate it so much!”

“My husband is Italian. In Italy they believe an open umbrella inside the house brings bad luck so it’s strictly no drying umbrella open in the house after rain and no playing with it for the kids in our house! ( I think it’s crazy but hey ho)”

“My grandma always used to say touch wood and find a piece of wood to touch when she was talking about her luck or avoiding something bad happening – I’ve carried on the tradition.”

“My auntie always said throw salt over both shoulders if you spill it, in case the devil jumped shoulders. I do always say hello to Mr Magpie.”

“If I drop a knife on the floor I have to leave it and get someone else to pick it up.”

“I try to avoid walking over 3 drains in a row. If I do, I have to jump up and down 3 times. It’s something my brother told me when we were kids and I still do it!”

“Everything! No walking under ladders, no shoes on the table, say hi to the magpie ‘where’s your wife and children’ ‘see a penny pick it up'”

“My sister in law will only leave a house through the door she entered it by! I don’t share her superstition but still feel wrong if I don’t abide by this!”

“I won’t walk over groups of three manholes covers – I blame an old girlfriend for that one who was very superstitious”

“I’m not superstitious I think if you walk under a ladder and it falls on you that’s just karma for walking under it 😂😂”

“I always put my socks on before trousers it sounds bizarre but when I don’t it just all seems wrong and I wonder if this is just not meant to be! I also lock and unlock car a couple of times as feel otherwise I’m almost asking it to be broken into! It’s like telling the car lock lock lock!! I only ever use the same colour matching pegs on clothes on the line they just have to match if they don’t it’s like asking birds to poo on them!”

“Never sleep in front of a mirror! I always turn any mirrors away or cover them if they are overlooking my bed.”

I never knew there was so many superstitions but after reading these Im still convinced that im not superstitious in the slightest.

Let me know if any if these ring a bell or now that you have read these you have developed new superstitions (if so im sorry).

Daddy Giraffe x


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