Starting to feel old at the grand age of 33 and i love it!!

I’m starting to feel old and I suddenly realised this over the past few months then I looked in the mirror and went is that really me??

When I was younger I had a baby face and was always being asked for my ID, I was fit and healthy, I went to the gym, did kickboxing, did MMA and was just generally full of energy.

Then i had children and things started to change very slowly so slowly I didn’t even notice until it smacks you in the face, so when did it start happening I hear you ask well let me tell you.

Sleep – When I was younger I didn’t live off much sleep anyway but I got around 8 hours of good sleep if I needed to have it, I would wake up refreshed ready to battle the day ahead with a S on my chest hitting the world head on. Now when you have children you do get some sleep don’t get me wrong but it’s very broken sleep with night feeds, nightmares where your chasing away monsters, sleeping so lightly that you can hear a fly sneeze (do flies sneeze? I must google that) and by the time you fall asleep you have a tiny little boy standing at your bed full of beans saying its morning and I’m hungry.

Eating – I used to eat when I was hungry and it could be anything healthy or the odd take away but my eating patterns changed to I ate what the kids ate (one of my favourite meals is now Turkey Dinosaurs) and I ended up snacking all the time this is where I discovered the biscuit and how glorious they are, they are now my addiction and I just can’t go cold turkey.

Health – Anyone that knows me would know I was a health freak, I would run, spar, go to the gym and ate right. Fitting time in to do this when you have kids especially when they are babies you find yourself thinking I could go for a run or go to the gym BUT Masterchef is on followed by the Football I’ll just go next time. This is a continuing loop until you just say you know what balls to it who wants to run when I’m chasing after a tornado of a 3-year-old.

Hair – You can’t see me but I am weeping while writing this because not only am I noticing that I’m getting more grey hairs that my original colour but I’m losing it very fast but am not admitting it which is making it worse so I’m getting to my last haircuts, when do I just give in and shave it off? what will I look like bald……i’m guessing like an egg.

Going bald
Wheres my hair have you seen it?

Dad Bod – I had a six-pack and everything when I was younger than after years of doing nothing and having kids I have this small football sized belly and I’m a bit wider than I was but you know what I love it, I really do I feel a lot better this size and a hell lot more comfortable.

Drive – Energy was key when I was younger then I notice I’m starting to get a little more tired and I would rather take an afternoon nap on the sofa that do anything else some days. A few mins of shut-eye wont hurt surely then I wake up an hour later, DAMN IT OK no more napping then the next day I’m sprawled on the sofa again. I enjoy walking the dog don’t get me wrong but I don’t want to run with him he’s got the advantage of extra legs than me, I know ill walk him around the block.


Grumpy – Laughing, joking and good spirits that was me and now I’m am a grumpy old man, you know that guy that shouts at people who steps on his grass I’m that guy. I walk around grumbling how the world is, “I’m to hot”,” I’m to cold”, “How much!?” yeah I’m that guy who tuts when someone doesn’t hold a door for you or its 5 o’clock and the outside kids are to loud for my liking. If I was I would be Grumpy, If I was in Winnie the Pooh I would be Eeyore. You get the idea.

Starting to get old
Get off my Lawn!!

All of this has happened and i wouldn’t change it for the world, I love growing old, I love not caring, I love that my kids say you’re so old Raff . I’m comfortable in my skin and love the select few friend and family I have. I don’t think I’ve ever been so content

I am 33 years old!

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