Sorry that I made you sad

And all the times you cried
All the shouting and the yelling
Plus the times I lied
Sorry that you sat alone with long nights
At 3am 4am 5am we would fight
You would sit and cry while I slept in bed
And all of the times that we should have been but were never wed
Sorry that I made you feel that you werent enough.
That all through our relationship all I did was bluff
The fact is that I love you
But this I didn’t show
I messed up every single time
That you have it another go
I miss you warmth, your smell, your smile
Things I’ve not seen in a while
These things that I know were there
Your long dark Rapunzel hair
I blew it big time without a doubt
No talking to you only shout
But know you’ll always be my friend to the very end
Your hips, your hands your gentle kiss
All these that I will miss
But for now I will say away
Who knows now I might be gay
Just don’t hate me I meant no harm
I find it hard to stay calm
If anything I ever knew was true
Was the fact I did/will always and do love you


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