Single Parenting the truth

You hear a lot of it now days at thats single parents, now this could be a single parent acting alone bringing up their children alone or two separate parents raising there children the best they can from two separate locations.

I didn’t see myself being a single parent, although I do not live with my children I see them nearly everyday and make sure that they have everything that it needed.

Although the children have the best of both worlds and the love of both parents it isn’t always the case and a lot of people dont actually know what its like being a single parent.

I asked 2 single parents there thoughts on what it is like and asked the pros and cons and the responses was interesting…

“Being a single parent is difficult , especially when it’s something that you didn’t choose yourself and all you wanted was for your children to be a part of a loving family. When you are forced to be a single parent it can be very difficult to adjust with the constant questions from the children asking why their daddy isn’t there and even in my case completely blaming me for the situation, even giving nasty comments and not knowing how to make it better for them. One of the toughest things is once the children are in bed and you’re sat on your own without anyone to share your day with. If you’re poorly you have no choice but to drag yourself out of bed to get up with the little ones and there’s no time to rest and nobody around to help to make you feel better. Parenting can be tough sometimes and some days you just need someone to put their arms round you and tell you that you’re doing ok because you constantly question if you’re even a good parent and if being by yourself is enough for them. Whilst it’s a difficult thing to go through and adjust to I would walk to the ends of the earth to make sure my children are happy”

The second person…

“Tbh it is easier but very difficult positive I have no one to argue with of how I bring up my kids, my kids are happier we can do what we want kids are getting my full attention so they are happier negative I have to do all night shift and day shift I’m tired kids are missing there dad I’m the only one to deal with tantrums it’s not like I can pass them onto anyone”

I think you have to do the best in the worst situation you didn’t see yourself in, in my case your parental instincts kick in and you adapt to the situation to try and keep some normality in the their lives.

To all you single parents out there who are struggling on your own with your children and feel like your not doing so well, you are doing a great job keep doing what your doing and it will get easier.

Make memorys because believe me when your children are older they will remember who was there for them and the best times in their lives.

Daddy Giraffe x 







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