Santa please don’t miss these Christmas wishes

Dear Santa

Ever since I was little I was taught how Santa would be watching all year round to see if I was being good or bad, this would determine if I would get any presents or not. Of course I was a little demon most of the year but come the month of December I was an angel just so I didn’t get that lump of coal.

As the years went by and I was older Christmas was less exciting and the presents got less from family and friends, sure we had the decorations and ate a big meal on the day its self but the meaning just lost it’s appeal.

That was until I had kids and it bolted my Christmas joy again, I was having to buy presents for my own children and make sure they feel the magic of December and knowing that you are getting ready to be on your way, on Christmas Eve we track you on the SantaNav and see where you are in the world delivering to all the boys and girls.

My Children have all wrote to you and asked for what they want from Santa this year and I’m pretty impressed that it’s not to expensive but I want to ask you for a Christmas wish personally.

Cheryl has had the year from hell and everything thrown at her with bad health to me and the kids ending up in hospital and in the space of just a few months she lost her mom the whole reason she loves Christmas and also our relationship ended.

My wish is to give her the strength to get through this year, through Christmas and New Year so she can start fresh and start to rebuild her life again, she has lost her Christmas spirit this year but if anyone can get it back its Santa.

Merry Christmas

Daddy Giraffe x

Christmas Holly
Christmas Holly

p.s. I hope you don’t mind but some other people want a few things to…

“A cleaner!”

“Not too many presents for the boys as they will just be scattered around the house”

“A weekend of peace. No cooking, no cleaning or playing ‘Mum’s Taxi”

“Dear Santa, please bring me patience. By the bucket load. I already feel like Christmas should be tomorrow”

“I would love a GoPro Hero 6 please ready for our holidays in January as I can’t possibly justify the price”

“That the kids would eat everything I make for them! Or at least any veggies and fruits. That would be a real Christmas magic”

“A world where I want my kids to grow up, where people respect difference and don’t use power to harm or hurt others and there is peace and understanding”

“Cheese that tastes full fat but is calorie free please!!”

“Dear Santa, I have been a very good girl ( well, I have tried anyway) Please bring me a round the world ticket to Travel with my children and show them all the delights and wonderful people there are. ( plus, endless blogging material and inspiration”

“Endless alcohol without a hangover”

“A chef, who can take over the endless daily negotiations with my 4 & 6-year-old about what they will and won’t eat. And wine… All the wine.”



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