Random thoughts throughout the day.

We all have random thoughts throughout the day its normal but due to the fact of I have a slightly different way of thinking I have so many rapid thoughts within minutes, hours all throughout the day.

I would like to take you through my random thoughts of today, when you see them you will agree they are a little strange but that is just a handful of minor thoughts I have that are mellow.

Naming storms, this one baffles me because I know they are professionals that track these dangerous storms throughout the world BUT who names them?? Do they all sit in a room around a table and say “You know what this storm is going to be named BrianBRIAN!! who’s going to prepare for a serious storm named after your neighbour? If I named a storm it would be Hurricane Holly Crap Here It Comes.

Strange Storm Names
Hurricane Holly Crap Here It Comes

If I was a caveman how long would I of survived? The answer is I would have led a very short life, I’m scared of spiders I know I am maybe 1000 time bigger than they are but I still run. Can you imagine what I would do if I saw a T-Rex, I wont even have shoes on  to hit it with!!!

As you may of read a while a go I was questioning my own morality which got me thinking to what if I was reincarnated, what animal, item or plant would I come back as? A powerful Tiger, Bear, Lion or even something adorable as a Panda but when I think about it I boil it down to 2 things, a Giraffe like all my family call me or a Cactus lazy and prickly.

Lonely Caucus
Life as a Prickly Cactus

I’m pretty sure early on today I felt the earth move?

If something happened in a situation where I managed to inherit super powers would I use them for good or evil, now every fibre of my being and soul says I would be a Superhero but in reality I would try to take over the world. I’ve just got to think of a cool name…Cactus Man maybe?

Cactus Man
I am Cactus Man

I was looking at my beautiful partner Cheryl today and as she walked away I thought she has a great bum I wonder if she looks at me an thinks the same

I was changing the nappy of my little one and I thought its strange I’m looking after them now and when I’m old they will be looking after me….I hope

If I owned a country or Island what would I name it….Giraffe Land or something more sinister to strike fear into other countries like..Ninjatopalas

I should give up swearing but I stub my toe and everything just pours out in a I hate the world kind of way

Trying not to swear
Stop Swearing

Yes I’ll have a coffee thank you…coffee arrives…I didn’t want a coffee. this happens when a lot especially while ordering food, I waited until the waiter came to take my desert order I went with the moment and ordered Meringue. The desert arrives I don’t even like meringue

As I write this up I realise how random these things are but these questions need answering in case I every come across these  situations.

What are you random thoughts of the day?

Daddy Giraffe x



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