Path to happiness which way is it?

Happiness, a quest we are all on and something we all crave.

So is there a right path to happiness and if so how do I get there?

Looking on the internet and speaking to various people they have their own beliefs on how happiness is achieved so let’s explore these shall we.

Fitness РA day  started with exercise they say will give you energy through the day and make you feel good inside and look even better on the outside.

This sounds fantastic apart from a few things…

At 34 and with 5 children I can think of nothing worse than starting my day with a jog. Running past the neighbours all sweaty and out of breath while they try to say good morning and stop for a chat and the thought of running on a treadmill getting nowhere for 30 mins doesn’t sound that appealing either to be fair.

I will tell you what sounds appealing to me that thought is dropping the kids off at school and having a coffee with no daddy…daddy…daddy.

A bit of peace and quiet so I can get on with things and have a few hours quality time and by quality time, I of course mean cleaning up after the hurricane that happened in my house.

Healthy Eating – I agree with you are what you eat and in my case I should be a Dominos employee.

I love the idea of eating healthy with salad and fresh ingredients then ending up with a dish that tastes far better than any takeaway can offer.

The truth is fresh ingredients are very expensive and don’t last very long, when you have a large family it’s hard to prepare a fresh healthy meal everyday, it’s not impossible but it is difficult.

I can’t cook!!!!

I’m sure I can make a salad but who wants to live off salad for the rest of their lives, so yes your meal looks lovely and fresh so while you take a picture of your master piece I’m just going to take a selfie with the delivery guy because I burnt the salad!!

Religion – A very touchy subject that many shy away from, but I’m not many people so here we go.

People who find religion seem to be the happiest people in the world who are willing to knock your door in the pouring rain with a smile to ask have you heard of god.

Yes in fact I have Mary, did she send you today?

I am all for people having something to focus on and believe in, if it makes you happy and gives you a purpose in life then all the power to you.

I’m sure god does love me what about the other 7 of me??

I think happiness is what you make of it, you try to make yourself look better and appear better to other people but does that truly make you happy.

What makes me happy is watching TV with my family, having a lie in until 7 am, having the occasional takeaway and knowing all the kiddies are safe and sound sleeping in their beds before I go to sleep.

I hope you all have happiness in what ever way you find it, maybe we should stop searching for happiness and just let it happen and find us.

Daddy Giraffe x

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