Over parenting now to back when I was a child

As a parent I worry about over thinking every situation my children are in or may be a part of in the future.

There are things that I wont let them do now but I was able to do when I was a child, so does that mean I am wrapping my kids in cotton wool or did my parent take a more chilled approach in raising me.

When I was younger I was allowed out to play first thing in the morning and as long as I checked in every now and then I was told to be back in the house when it started getting dark. We didn’t have a phone to check on us or call home it ask for an extra 10 minutes and if I was late I would be instantly grounded.

Now that I have children the eldest is 13 and I need to know where he is at all times, he has to have his phone on him and would I be 100% confident in him being out by himself…no not really because he isn’t as street smart as I was when I was young but is that because he hasn’t had the chance to?

I don’t necessarily think things are worse now than they were back when I was young, there is still terror threats, thugs, cars and crossing and sex offenders, I think the only real difference is we have easier access to the kind of things that are happening around us now, if there was any news in our area we knew by┬áthe local newspaper or the news on the TV, now we have social media which gives you the information on what has happened before the papers get hold of it, sometimes even before the police are informed.

The Internet now gives sex offenders and terrorist access to more information and ways to reach children without leaving their home and you get instructions on how to make all sorts of weapons for intention to cause harm.


Over protecting our children means keeping a track on them at all times and vetting the internet so they are safe in our own homes but is this preventing them to have a larger understanding of the world around them?

I think in the case of my parents they had more faith in how we would handle situations if we were approached and without phones they just had to trust us to make our own mistakes.

Now with the internet, games consoles and smart phones there is no reason for children to leave their home if they want to interact with their friends they will Facebook message them its instant and they don’t have to leave the warmth of the house.

Thinking about it and yes I over parent my children to prevent them for seeing any bad in the world if I can do it but at some point they need to learn the ways of the world to grow and evolve into individuals that can handle any situation that may arise.

But until then for as long as I can I will keep a very close eye

Daddy Giraffe x






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