Mummy the glue that holds the family together

Being a daddy blogger I talk about my experiences bringing up 5 children but what I don’t talk about is the star in the background getting on with it and holding everything together we call her mummy.

When I met Cheryl she was bringing up 3 children by herself, she taught them manners, how to treat people with respect and spent countless hours teaching them things to the point that they are now top of their classes in school.

Three eldest
The Big Uns

Nothing seemed to faze this girl, she was as cool as a cucumber who didn’t care what you thought of her just as long as her kids were happy then she was happy. I moved in and she taught me how to be a parent, to care and look after children to the point I was ready to have my very own first child which was a baby boy named Freddie.

Freddie arrived and Cheryl taught me how to look after him from feeding, changing and even putting him to sleep. She would stay awake with me to make sure I was confident enough to do it by myself even though she was sore and tired for a long time after she still found time to teach me step by step.

Despite this she still managed to work nights in a busy office to come home and still listen to the kid’s night and take them to school before catching a couple of hours herself before starting again.

Things changed and I got ill, Cheryl gave up her job to not only support me through my troubled times but also look after her children making sure they never missed out on anything like she always had done before.

Soon she was pregnant with Bethie and had a horrible pregnancy with constant pain, restless legs and arms to the point she just couldn’t sleep for days, still she would balance the kids and me before herself while we were going through a rough path as a couple she stayed strong as a rock.

Mummy and Bethie
Cheryl and baby bethie

Bethie came along and made our family complete with 5 children, I just couldn’t bond with Bethie as a baby and paid her little attention handing her back to her mummy at every opportunity but instead of making a fuss about it Cheryl was patient and helped me bond with my baby girl to the point where now we have an amazing bond.

My Mental Health got worse and distance came between me and Cheryl where we would constantly argue and there would be no relationship there but she balanced it and never let on to the children that she was sad and hurting, instead she put on a brave face and made sure life was normal.

Recently has been so hard for her she had a lot of friends turn on her for no reason and just fade away, she is┬áconstantly being put down by friends, family and loved ones then all of a sudden her mom died and it broke her heart but the people who should have been there to support her wasn’t there and she had to be strong for everyone even though she was hurting so bad.

Even in such a low place she is a mummy first and always makes sure her kids happiness is first, moving heaven and earth just to keep them safe or just to see them smile.

She has been the rock in my life, a sympathetic ear for friends and a constant figure in her children’s lives where they know they can always go to her for help and advice.

She is strong, caring, funny, reliable and fearless when it comes to protecting her children…she is a mummy!

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