Moments to be happy about in 2017

2017 has been a crappy year to sum it all up but it hasn’t all been bad there have been a handful of good moments in one of the worst years I’ve had, I would like to share some of my good moments in the dreaded year 2017.

It’s been a good year for my beautiful Bethie with some memorable moments, she has grown so much it’s hard to believe that not so long ago she was just a tiny (well kinda) baby. The year has seen her have her 1st birthday which she was so excited for and spent all day playing with her wrapping paper!!

She got spoilt rotten by everyone in the family and she even did her very own cake smash and left very little of the chocolate cake she was meant to be smashing. Not long after her 1st birthday Bethie discovered she can not only climb but can now also walk, soon discovering that crawling is still the quicker option though if she wants to get anywhere.

Bethie Birthday
Bethie Birthday Moments

Freddie has had his fair share of good boy moments this year, he has been a busy bee growing into a big boy and doing big boy things. Freddie turned 3 this year which mad him an official toddler and not a baby in his eyes so he decided to ditch the nappies and use big boy pants, he has been doing so well and took to toilet training straight away even to the point where he stands up to wee because that’s what all the older boys do.

Going into nursery was a big moment in Freddie’s life as he does not mix well with other people and is very shy but with a little persuading he now has lots of friends, helps out the teachers and enjoys going to school in the morning, he even has his own Tammy and Jo song as he goes walking through the doors.

At the moment Freddie is learning to write his own name, he does it every day at school and we got him to do it while he was at home, it’s not to bad if I don’t say so myself.

Freddie's Name
Freddie’s Name

Ellie has had a good year, not only did she start a brand new school after leaving her old one behind, she got in there got her head down and got through her exams, we nervously waited for the email to come through about where she would place in the year, telling ourselves and her as long as you tried that is all that matters.

It comes through and we couldn’t believe it Ellie Jayne had got 1st in her exams in her entire year after being there only a few months, Ellie was even in shock herself and got very spoilt for it. She then went on to become house captain in her year and is storming her way through school heading towards her goal of someday being a teacher.

Ellie number 1 in her year
Ellie Number 1 in her year

Annabelle is doing well, her positive attitude has driven her forward to give her some good moments. Annabelle is terrified of water so getting her to let go of the side of the swimming pool is a nightmare she squeals, screams and cries every time. The letter came from school that it was time for Annabelle’s class to do swimming and we dreaded it but she comes back with a certificate saying she out her head under water and jumped in!!!. Can you believe that after all our efforts and she just goes and jumps in any way, needless to say it is up on our wall, we are very proud.

Her class were electing a school counselor and Annabelle was so positive that she was going to get it, so positive that the day where the votes were being counted and it was going to be announced her last words to me were, I will see you later when I am school counselor.

School ends and I’m waiting outside the gates for her and BOOM she nailed it like she said she would, I wish I had her attitude!

Annabelle School council
Annabelle School council

Harry had his fair share of bad moments this year but he is a trooper and just powered through it, while he was in his old school despite the issues he was having he managed to become school captain and the won a school award for Computer Science in front of teachers, pupils and parents.

He started a new school after leaving his old one due to bullying and fitted in straight away, making new friends and getting countless awards from all of his teachers, hes doing so well and has already been out in all the top sets.#

Lets not forget that Harry also celebrated his 13th birthday this year becoming an official teenager complete with attitude

Harry Award
Harry Award

Cheryl has had the worst year imaginable but has still managed to get her fair share of good moments, the one that springs to mind is the fact she did a charity night run, something she had never done before but decided to do it anyway.

It was so cold that night but she didn’t care and we all stood and cheered as she crossed the finish line running.

She thoroughly enjoyed it and is even thinking of doing more runs and is aiming to do the Tough Mudder Mud Run at some point in the future.

Night Run
Night Run

2017 has had some good moments and memories but i will be so glad to see the back of it and look forward to moving on in a bright brand new year….bring on 2018!

Daddy Giraffe x



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