Life after Death is there such a thing?

One of the biggest mystery’s in life today is what happens when you die?

Is there a place that you go to such as Heaven and Hell or do you simply get reincarnated into another life?

I have seen ghosts or people who have lived and are no longer here in varies stages on life in different locations so I do believe there is something after you pass away but what it is I am not sure.

Now the biggest and baddest people in the world must think if there is a Heaven or Hell when they are within their last moments of life, will they be forever torturedĀ for their crimes and bad choices or rewarded with all the good that they have done while living on earth?

How do you know what are the bad choices that make the decision you go down instead of up?

I mean once when I was a child I broke a cup and blamed it on my brother so am I destined to an after life of eternal damnation or does it have to be something really bit that harms and damages other people’s lives?

What are good choices to make it to Heaven because if it being kind to your fellow-man then I am screwed I may as well pack my shorts and sunglasses so at least I’m prepared.

There of course is another option which is reincarnation, this is where you are reborn into something else like an animal, plant or maybe even another person.

Knowing my luck I would be reincarnated into a tree, then I would be cut down and turned into toilet paper where I would spend my short life wiping the bums of mankind!

The smartest thing I heard someone say to me is what if the bright light you see before you die is the light when you see when you are born, needless to say it blew my mind!!

So with all this said should we spend the rest of our life carefully living just in case there is something or what if you do that and it turns out there is nothing at all and it was just a wasted life?

I have come to the conclusion that I only know whats happening right now so that is how I will live right now and if it turns out there is an afterlife I will just deal with it as it happens.

Don’t stress about life, you’re not put on this earth to spend your life just to pay bill, live a little, love even more and be happy!

Daddy Giraffe x





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