Halloween is it as important as any other holiday?

Halloween the time to dress up as vampires, monsters or even go as your favourite to go treat or treating for sweets.

Halloween parties or even midnight ghost hunts looking for the unknown.

So what is Halloween?

Halloween is believed to have Pagan roots, it’s the time of year dedicated to remembering the dead, including saints and martyrs.

We widely celebrate this day by dressing up as scary things and having parties with fun games and music.

Going door to door trick or treating for sweets in exchange of dressing up in a costume.

Now I can go into the darker side of Halloween with its history and rituals but since im a daddy blogger I shall keep it light.

The children break up for the holidays around Halloween time which I have no problem with but I do have a few questions.

Firstly we have Easter, a time where we exchange gifts, give Easter cards and of course the chocolate eggs.

We know the reason why we have Easter, so much so that it is taught in our schools even as early as nursery but I’ve never once received a Halloween card, a Halloween gift or even been taught why we are celebrating it every year on the same day.

In fact its the first time ive actually researched it, it’s not taught at schools because there is so many beliefs on why we celebrate it depending on your culture.

Secondly I spend my life telling my younger children that when they go out not to talk to strangers, that if a stranger approaches you with sweets you must not take them!

You run away and get help but on the 31st of October im going to take to random houses around the street knock on their door and they will give you sweets.

It’s ok to get sweets from a stranger if your dressed as a Power Ranger.

These are the questions I ask but you know what just like everyone else my kids will be dressed up tomorrow night and I will take them trick or treating anyway because thats whats we do, its fun and I wouldn’t want them missing out.

That and the sweets..

Daddy Giraffe x


*Picture taken from google images*

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