Ghosts? Whats happening around here?

10 months ago we moved into a new house in a different area, the house is nice, big, plenty of space for the kids and had a calm atmosphere but over time we think the house may have ghosts!!

Let me tell you from the start, in our old house we had the same problem but on a bigger scale of ghosts, they would walk around upstairs and you could hear it when you were downstairs alone, dark shadows from the corner of your eye and I saw Cheryl’s granddad who had died when she was a small girl walk through the kitchen and into the living room.

We moved houses since then and found ourselves in the house we are currently in and there didn’t seem to be any problems around at first until we started noticing certain things at different times.

The first is from our kitchen you can see the stairs because its open floored, at the very top of the Bannister leading up the stairs you can see someone who keeps popping their head around the corner, I thought I was going mad until Cheryl said to me one day “have you seen that someone keeps peaking around the corner??” Now I don’t know what or who it is but I don’t want to be playing peek a boo while eating my Coco Pops.

The corner we see the peeking ghost
The corner we see the peeking ghost

From our babies room one night you can hear Bethie babbling away and then all we hear is shhhhhh, I jump out of bed and find nothing out of the ordinary.

These things kept happening but in small doses so it wasn’t really bothering us, I woke up around 2am one morning to a huge man standing by our wardrobe wearing overalls, he then just faded away. I shrugged this off and went back to sleep telling Cheryl about it the next day but she didn’t seem fazed by it at all.

Now the kids don’t really believe in ghosts and we never talked about the strange goings on in the house as it didn’t really affect them until Cheryl’s mother sadly passed away then things started to get weird.

It started off when me and Cheryl was up at 1am having a heated discussion about our future in the kitchen, on the shelf was a pile of memorial leaflets for the funeral we attended a few days prior, half way through our conversation the leaflets flew off the side and all over the kitchen floor, the floor was covered in these leaflets with pictures of Cheryl’s moms face.

We agreed this was strange, worked things out and went to bed not thinking to much of it, the next day items would disappear and re appear in different places such as Ellie is now using her Nan’s mobile as hers broke a while ago and this phone went missing.

We searched the house top to bottom, moving sofas, checking all sides and surfaces but we couldn’t find it. Ellie was devastated we walked into the kitchen a few house later from coming back into the house after being out and there it was on the kitchen side where we had cleaned and searched like it was there the whole time.

Still convinced this was just a coincidence I was talking to Ellie in the kitchen and the tap came on fully by its self, I looked at her and she looked at me, I’m sure we were thinking the same thing (please don’t be a ghost..please don’t be a ghost) I turned off the tap and we promptly left the room.

Now convinced more than ever there is something here, today me and Harry were downstairs and all of the pictures on our walls that were hooked to the walls may I add, they all few off and scattered across the living room!!

Not everyone will believe in ghosts and they will have their own theory on this but at the moment its crazy here, something is going on and I swear if I see anything I’m going to shriek like a little girl and pass out!!

If I didn’t believe in ghosts before then I certainly do now with everything that is going on at the moment.

Do you believe in ghosts or have a weird story, I would love to hear it and hope it doesn’t scare you too much.

Daddy Giraffe x






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