Fear is it really just a word?

FEAR – Meaning an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain or harm.

As humans we are subject to many different emotions such as happiness, sadness, guilt and one of the strongest emotions is fear!

This is an emotion that tends to consume people as causes them to go into what is called fight or flight mode which in a time of crisis can save your life.

Fear comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes, people have phobias about almost everything for instance Phobophobia is a fear of phobias which just shows how strong this emotion is.

There are 3 things that make me very nervous and sweat, these things are…


Now this dislike was way before the original film IT came out, which I like actually Tim Curry played it so well.

No it’s not that im scared of clowns it’s I just don’t trust them!

Covered in all that make up, I can’t see who’s underneath which unnerves me and makes me very wary so I tend to avoid them if I can.


Not a big fan at all and this just doesn’t come down to my own injections but taking my children for they shots as well.

Now I know it is only a sharp scratch and once it’s done it’s all over so the pain is only for like seconds but its the anticipation that gets me every time.

You just can’t brace yourself enough to be stabbed by a sharp pointy bit of metal is the most tender parts of your body while the take out stuff that’s meant to stay inside your body.

I remember once having my blood taken in A&E the doctors took 3 tubesĀ then on the way out he dropped them on the floor resulting in more injections in my other arm…not the best day of my life.


This is the biggest of all!!

Have you seen the old Tom & Jerry cartoons when the woman sees Jerry and stands on a chair screaming?

Yeah well that’s me but im sure I squeal much higher than she does.

So much so I couldn’t even put up a pic of a spider so I had to put up Lucas the friendly Spider but make no bones about it Lucas you come into my house you will meet my shoe my big eyed friend.

The question is can fears be conquered?

In my opinion yes they can if your willing to try, I’m scared of needles but I give blood every few months to help those who will need it some day.

I hate clowns but if I saw one running at me in the street I would roundhouse his ass!!

Spiders on the other hand is hard but I have heard there is an app where it cures your phobia but making it seem like your holding one.

No thank you I will pass…I would rather fight a bear, while covered in honey which I just stolen from a hive that pissed of the queen bee.

Anyone can do anything with their mind set in the right place but I think with a little bit of fear in all of this keep us balanced and grounded.

Fear is just a word!

Well until I see a giant spider dressedĀ  as a clown holding a needle then you will see fear and possibly a grown man cry.

Daddy Giraffe x










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