Facts about Daddy Giraffe Top 10

You may read some of my blogs and read that I babble on about a lot of things but do you know any facts about Daddy Giraffe?

Here are 10 Facts you may or may not know about me as a person?

10. I am a proud parent of 5, this includes 2 boys ages 13 & 3 also 3 girls ages 12, 8 & 1

9. I am an avid fan of Mixed Martial Arts I watch as many events as I can and have even attended a UFC 95 Live in London ,  I’ve taking part in Kickboxing, Boxing & MMA when I was younger. (With this has come with a broken nose, cracked ribs and broken hand)

8. My favourite film of all time is The Lion King! It is such an amazing film I can watch it over and over and it never gets boring.

7. I started a blog after being diagnosed with Personality Disorder to help people in a similar situation to me and try to spread the word and raise awareness for people to talk about it more openly.

6. My favourite meal is pasta and cheese,  it wasn’t always this but when I first meet a 2 year old Annabelle she was in a stage that plain pasta and cheese was all she would eat and now it has become my favourite meal.

5. I HATE clowns!! Don’t get me wrong im not scared of them in a scream run away kind of thing, I really don’t like them and defiantly don’t trust them, this results in the world sending me clown memes on Facebook all the time.

4. If you know me and I consider you as a friend then you are a special person because I hate people in general, it’s part of my condition and not a very nice part I agree but for those of you  am friends with I can be a very good friend and will help you where I can.

3. If you have the chance to look at eyes you will see that they are multi coloured and change colour depending on my mood, if im in a good mood they are blue and if im in a bad mood they turn black.

2. My favourite animal is a Rhino, they are so large and prehistoric looking like they haven’t evolved at all. They are like a walking tank and seeing them up close was an amazing experience.

  1. I am 34 and have never touched or experimented with any drugs or even tried a cigarette, I never saw the appal which is strange since all of my family are smokers and I knew a lot of people who were talking drugs at the time.

So there we have it 10 facts about Daddy Giraffe (bet you can sleep better at night now) I would be interested in hearing any facts about you if you read this.

Daddy Giraffe x

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