Daddy Giraffe’s 5 thing’s he couldn’t live without with babies

Since becoming a daddy there a few things I have discovered that I didn’t even know excised but now I know they are there they are a life saver and I couldn’t be without them.

Here’s Daddy Giraffe’s top 5 things you must have when raising babies and toddlers

5. Tights

This may sound like an odd one to be added to the list but bear with me this is going some where, as a new daddy I had to learn how to dress a baby and all of the tiny clothes where so cool including the tiny socks.

This is all well and good until they learn they have feet, with this comes they will pull off their socks and you can guarantee it will be freezing cold outside, your on a school run and he/her pulls of their socks while other parents look at you like the most awful parent in the world.

I told this to Cheryl that it kept happening and see said put them in tights under their trousers and that way they can’t pull them off and my god it worked!!

How did I not think of this myself instead of countless hours battling and trying to track down lost socks in the street.

4. Sudocrem

I didn’t even know this was a thing, I remember Freddie had a bad belly and had a very sore bum, I found some cream to use which after a few days wasn’t really working very well so once again Cheryl threw a small pot of Sudocrem  at me and said try this.

After a few day the bad sore bum was gone, the stuff is amazing, it doesn’t rub of easy and can be used for rashes, cuts and burns. I always use it now if there’s ever a sign of nappy rash it should be called Supercrem!

3. A teddy or Blanket

Every baby need something for comfort when you’re not around, in our case Bethie has Bunny which is a  pink Bunny/blanket ( we got 2 just in case) and Freddie has a giraffe he has in bed with him.

The only down side with this is if they lose it then the world is ending, they won’t sleep without it and guaranteed it will happen just before bedtime where you can’t go out and replace it.

Bunny & Giraffe
Bunny & Giraffe

2. Calpol

Every parent in the world will use this if your child is poorly at some point as a single person without children I had no need for Calpol and wouldn’t even know what to of used if a baby had a temp.

Freddie as a baby had such  a bad cold and temp and Calpol was a life saver just to get his temp down enough so he and we could get a bit of sleep, it comes with a cool syringe so its easier than trying to use a spoon and spilling it everywhere or half of it down their face.

1.Baby wipes

Baby wipes are the best invention ever!!

They are not just used to clean poo or wipe your baby down, you can use them for absolutely anything! They are brilliant, spills, stains, hand wipes the possibility are endless when it comes to using baby wipe’s.

They smell good and are never-ending when coming out of the packet but there is a downside that as a daddy or parent that it will happen to you at some point, your baby has done an all might poo and I mean out of the sides and up their back and you didn’t realise you have just pulled out the last baby wipe from the packet….

Panic stations everyone because you just know at this point your baby will start to wriggle around and let the carnage begin.

Daddy Giraffe x




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